Update on “powerful love spell”

I finished the “powerful love spell” last night and the ritual seemed to be fine. I followed the instructions and it all worked well. Today I still haven’t noticed any large changes in the girl, although she was more smiley. has anyone else done the ritual and had success?

Here’s the link for those who don’t know what tf I’m talking about :))

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Spells dont work instant give it a couple of days, some might take even more than 3 weeks, depends on the situation

Do not think about the spell now, get it out of your mind and let it manifest on own, keep urself busy

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Haha ok. Then will she come to me on her own… Even through she only has my email?? Not exactly the sexiest place to talk lol

I will try for this one, do you suggest any protection before starting to ritual?

No need for protection. Please try it out and tell me how it goes!

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Well I am muslim so I will do traditional ways such as stong prayers for protection.
You can maybe burn some herbs