Update #2: Celebrating three months with a succubus

It’s been a fun time with my lover. Looking back to the start from where I am now I have grown from a horny teenager into a man that knows what it means to love. I want to thank @succupedia, @MagusOfGamaliel, @PhoenixtheDemon and @anon69472442 for helping me. I have gone from not knowing anything about magik or any of the great demons, to using magik and working with the demons to better my daily life. I want to thank all the great entities that have helped me and all of those who are here on the form as well.

Kind of a long post but I want to give some background to how I met her.

The first day I started my journey into the path of darkness was when I summoned a succubus for the night. I wrote my letter of intent on a tiny piece of paper with all my desires and my goals. When the time came I burned the paper and did the chant laying on my bed. As I layed there I was thinking it wouldn’t work. I started to doubt myself that no one was going to come, But I continued to wish for something to happen. 3 hours of laying down I gave up and started to sit up and as soon as I lifted my head I felt something touch my hand. I jumped not expecting it and I calmed my self and layed my head back and asked who was there. No one answered but I felt her start to press up my side and began to rap around me. As she made her first contact with me she started to squeeze me. The tighter she squeeze the more of her presence I felt. It got to the point to where I could feel her breathing. She was calm and tender. We had stayed like this until I fell asleep. When I woke the next morning I felt heavy and couldn’t figure out why. Then I remembered I did the ritual. I thought it was because I lost some energy. But as I tried to sit up I felt her move! It surprised me. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed there. Eventually she sat up and got off me. I was still dumbfounded that she was still here. (I couldn’t see or hear her then and still can’t now) I tried asking her why she stayed, all she did was put her head on my chest. I eventually got up and was ready to go of to school. During the day I could feel her touching me. I got used to it after awhile. After the next two weeks went by and we both are still a little shy to each other so I started doing automatic writing with her and we got to know each other a little better. Things where going great until I started really feeling the energy drain from having her around so we took a little break so I can regain my strength. When we got back together she had felt weak and almost unnoticeable. I offered her some sexual energy but she refuses it. (She still refuses🤣) I asked why and she said I wasn’t ready for it. I haven’t had any sexual experiences in my life. I asked her why she doesn’t want to take my energy and she said she feeds of my love energy I give off. I didn’t realize I gave off that much energy. It makes my heart chakra all fuzzy now. Anyways that’s a little on how we met. Now for the people who have helped me. @succupedia your blog https://succupedia.wordpress.com/
Has given me the info on how to summon her and given me courage that they are truly kind and loving. You fucking fantastic and a great help to many starting a relationship with succubi and inccubi. I’m jealous and amazed with your success with Lilith and your lover!

@MagusOfGamaliel and @anon69472442

You have given me great advice and helped me interpret what she is doing and how I am connect with her.

It’s been fun talking about the progression in both our paths.

That’s enough brown nosing!

Thank you to you all for the support!

Baby happy 3rd month!! I plan on doing something special with you.:smirk::kissing_heart:


Congratulations for your anniversary :birthday:


Keep building the relationship with her, maybe she’ll feel kinky one day. Sorry i hadn’t spoken to you for awhile, i’ve been busy with other stuff.


As far as the sexual energy, mine will only take some every now and then. Give her time.

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Offer another energy source, sexual energy isn’t the only energy they can feed from, it’s just a bit more effective than other sources, but they can still live off other sources just fine.


When I still thought mine were benevolent , they would like to feed off the energy I harnessed from working out, anything that raises vibration they can feed off it, emotions or activities


What do you mean when you thought that they were benevolent?

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They ended up being parasites that don’t care if I live or die I had to see a shaman to get them removed they were draining my sacral and root chakra to almost nothing and taking from my kidneys , I will never mess with sexual beings again I will be completely fine with having 100% control over my energies

Ugh, which means i should be careful when i summon one. Sorry that you had to get through that. Not all of them are malevolent.

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If you are a novice I would just get the penny binding from creepy hollows. But you there should be a disclaimer that you should have a few years of Practicing magick , occultism , whatever the term , before summoning something that is going to bind to you and use your energy

I went through the same thing where I did the letter of intent as @succupedia had described and wasn’t sure if it worked. Until a week later when I layed down for a nap I had a YouTube video playing on my TV and I was in between being asleep and awake. Then I heard a girl laughing clear as day in my left ear which was pressed against my pillow. So I now know she is there. Even if I cant yet communicate or see her. I’m working on Astral Projection at the moment. It’s difficult, but Imma keep at it till I can be on the same plane as her


I looked up the items in that website. I’m kind of hesitant about getting something from there, there are items with succubi binded to it.

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Ya you can get a penny binding

It does take time to astral project it took me a month.

Have you bought anything from that site before?

No it’s decently reputable

Oh, that kinda worries me.


I have a succubus binding from creepy hollows.
I personally think they are legit because when I was looking at the listing I felt her visiting me. After I bought the binding I felt tingles all over my body when lying down in bed or sitting at my desk.

She tried relentlessly to contact me but she couldn’t do anything because my psychic abilities are weak. I was lucky that I could feel energies.

I felt muscle twitches, in sleep-half awake state she was trying to move my limbs. I felt very clear touching.

Like an energy touch which is under your skin. Not actually on your skin. It’s kinda hard to explain but succupedia has talked about it before I think in some threads.

I have to admit that I personally fucked up. I got her spirit binding in 2017 and I cannot feel her anymore because I used harddrugs several times over the years until now and I abused alcohol.

I got told that illicit drugs and alcohol and drugs in general are very damaging for your chakras and leave you defenseless in the astral plane…

So I quit booze and partying and I am trying to recover and better my life. I have many regrets I should have worked with them more closely and I should have worked on my psychic abilities instead of partying.

I cannot feel them anymore like when I felt them the first few weeks when I got them. It was very intense


Hang on, i’m confused, why would a succubus drain your energy? Aren’t they supposed to be loving and what not?

Congratulations on your three month and long ways to go I wish for smooth sailing for you two from here on out

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