So, I have been working mainly with Lucifer as of lately, but I’m looking to start working with Belial and eventually Yam-Nahar.

But for starters, anything anyone would like to share about experiences with Belial, lord of lords?


Don’t have a lot of detail for you about the work itself I’m afraid, and I haven’t worked with him much, but I will say that Belial has had the most solidly, tangibly -powerful- presence of any spiritual entity I have personally worked with. Like, just being in the same room creates an incredibly strong impression. Also, if he helps you he works quickly with complete competence, but he will scrutinise you at length and grow loath and impatient if he thinks you’re lazy or lack commitment to your own goal.

I’m a fan of him!

I have heard alot of Belial, been doing research on him. I’ve heard is presence can be unnerving to people starting to work with him.