Upcoming New Year Occult projects?

Anyone starting anything new for 2016? Working with new spirits? Learning anything new? I plan to focus all of 2016 on spirits like Lilith and Hecate and some other Goddesses, involving the Qlippoth and maybe get more into Saturnian planetary magick.

Third volume of Liber Falxifer comes out right after the new year so I plan on working with that once I receive my copy.

Wish I had a fucking clue mate! :wink:

I was NOT expecting my “uncle” to show up, so whatever for me - I’ll go with the flow.

It’s worked fine to now and damn, finding this site opened up a new world of weird goodness! :slight_smile:

Areas I’d like to improve - immediate money magick, manifesting different outlets for some of my creative work, also a few geopolitical things…

Hope to work here or anywhere else with magicians, as well, to drive forwards the aggressive trend of magick FOR ALL WHO WANT IT, bend the portals of “reality”/“fantasy,” and promote and achieve THEOGENESIS!

Oh and that just gave me An Idea - thanks! :slight_smile: