Upcoming Ascent Ritual

Im developing a Ritual for Extreme Ascent in the physical, Astral, Mental, and Casual planes. Im gonna be taking from many different systems, simplifying it, and putting it together to cause massive change.

What would you all want to see in the ritual? What forces do yall want broken?
Remember Im going for extreme results here.


Bring down Donald Trump then from his disgusting imperialistic, patriarchal, lying, misogynistic, racist position.

Sounds good.

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You already know what to do, bromium. Break the chains of mortality and morality. Free the Beast within that howls in the dark. Stab your humanity with an obsidian dagger forged of infernal malice, look straight into its eyes as it gasps its last few dying breaths, and be reborn as a God. :metal:


Needed that @Nyxifer
Thanks :metal:


Tear the Void apart and reach beyond it.

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Wait, you said before that there’s more out there than the Void.

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I suddenly feel my suggestion was very modest. :slight_smile:

Global Magickal Communism would be more ambitious than that.

Or, Intergalactic Satanic Capitalism

I’m not going to give hints as to my political affiliation lol.

Most politicians are businessmen (and -women) hired by lobbyists who wants to own everything and anyone. That is my impression of politics now to a high degree. The language most of them use is made of potemkin settings to give “voters” an idea of having a free choice. Most politicians sell ideas of life that a lot of people buy. They are identity sellers, one could say. Not a fan of politics either.

It may include Ritual of the Pentagram, Middle Pillar, Headless… all of them, not necessarily as they are, but “equivalent” elements. There is also a ritual of self realization called Tree of Night, which begins with a breathing then moves on to the chakras etc.

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