Iam new here to this place. Iam not new to the left hand path.
I generally don’t like socialising, Iam as a wolf.
However I have been advised to expand on worthwhile social interactions.
I live in the middle of nowhere.(deliberately ) I dont belong to any group of mass.
This fact maybe inhibiting specific progressions. However it can’t be denied the spiritual advantages and experiences of suffering a ‘magicially’ isolate existence.
My body, mind and my home has become a perminently open portal to a plain of existence not realised by the bulk.
If you have felt true hell then you understand the difficulty of controlling your fear.
Real fear is knowing that ‘they’ are right there, waiting for you.
All the nooks, crannies and places your eyes cant touch unless you crouch down and take a peek.



This is pretty vague and doesn’t tell us anything really about you or your practice.

What kind of magick do you do? How long have you practiced? What are you interested in?

Wolves are among the most social of creatures. The whole “lone wolf” motif is flat out wrong. In the wild, wolves without a pack don’t last very long.


Rouge wolves are common. Generally ousted from their pack of origin by the dominating alpha male once their old enough.Forced to wander alone in search of belonging.
Some manage to find a pack in need of new blood and domination. Others wander endlessly for all time.Never finding their place.
Alpha wolves are like your boss or supervisor. Part of a team but always separate.

I don’t like labels, but if I must for everyone’s benefit ,I would be a Luciferian. In actuality Im a lot more. Ive practiced dancing for 15 or so years.