Unusual tarot spreads?

A couple of weeks ago I bought the Mastering Divination course and right now, also thanks to a flu, I am starting to became really familiar with the tarot and the spreads.

For training purposes I have been reading about (actually “spying on”) a number of different people and yesterday evening I did two readings about the same person that I think were a bit odd, or at least very different from all the others, for the number of dignitaries that came up: 5 in the first reading, 6 in the second out of 12 cards (expanded Celtic Cross as taught by E.A. in the course). Before you ask, yed I did shuffle them well, especially before the second reading: it took so long that I started wondering if the cards would ever feel right.

I am describing the two spreads below. The numbers correspond to the order in which I drew them, according to the course video. I would be curious to hear your opinions about them, if you have any.

First spread: current job situation of person X
1)Princess of disks
2)6 cups
4)knight of disks
5)Prince of swords
6)pricess of cups
7)5 wands
8)4 swords
9)2 cups
10)prince of swords
11)Ace of cups
12)Ace of sword reversed (and I had a strong feeling that it should stay that way)

Second spread: current spiritual situation of the same person
1)Prince of cups
2)5 cups
3)princess of cups
4)knight of wands
5)Queen of swords
6)knight of disks
7)6 disks
8)8 swords
9)princess of disks
11)the lovers
12)7 disks

Thank you