Unusual Omens

The weirdest thing happened to me, last night. Around 1:05 I was on the call with a potential love interest and I was on the porch. All of sudden, the call hangs up and the laptop starts acting up. I hear a voice in my head.

“Don’t trust them, protect yourself.”

I ask if he means Lilith and my beautiful succubus. He says no, repeating himself, and my dragon my spirit animal, Cody, flies down and tells me that he is right.

A few minutes later, I am in the house and locked the door. I ask my succubus who told me this and they told me Father aka Lucifer.

Does anybody know what this could mean?

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Dude they literally told you… what do you not understand about it?


I’m trying to figure out who is them.


Them…would be Lucifer? And I think he’s trying to keep you from trusting this potential love interest.

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You shouldn’t trust new friends and very old ones which you had no contact for long time and now they re-make this contact. In your close future it might make some problems… just avoid it :slight_smile:

Not that I say it… just my cards :slight_smile:


Alrighty thank you

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No problem and good luck :slight_smile:
Remember that spirits knows much more than us.

Don’t make my mistakes and listen to them ^^


Like others already said I would think the love interest is not to be trusted and others around you or her… new friends etc anyone that feels suspicious to you. Trust your feelings! :slight_smile:


Alrighty! Thank you!