Unusual Dream - Interpretation Help Needed Please!

A few weeks I had an unusual dream and have been trying to figure it out ever since - any ideas you guys might have would be much appreciated!

First up, the dream was entirely in black and white. I was driving down a long, deserted road that was l lined with trees on both sides. There were no leaves on the trees but the branches were filled with thousands and thousands of owls - big ones and baby ones. They were on the power lines too, just everywhere. I finally came to a small town and there were thousands of owls everywhere around town too. I went into a restaurant and even inside there were owls everywhere. The waitress acted like it was totally normal and the owls were happily hanging out inside. All of the baby owls in the restaurant were allowing me to pet them and play with them and I was having a great time then I woke up.

Trying to figure out the significance of the dream being in black and white, if any… and also why so many owls and what were they trying to tell me?

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Do you usually dream in color?

Owls can mean different things to different people, symbolically. To me they represent wisdom, among other things.

Did the owls seem to REPLACE the leaves of the trees, as you mentioned the trees had no leaves.

I do usually dream in colour - this is the first time I can recall dreaming in black and white.

I don’t think the owls were replacing the leaves - I feel like it was winter in my dream so the trees were just bare. I tend to see owls quite often, even in day to day life and in unexpected places or odd times. I woke with a very pleasant feeling from that dream - I definitely didn’t feel it was negative in any way. I’m just trying to puzzle out the deeper meaning :slight_smile:

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Winter time for me is a time of reflection, owls also symbolize wisdom. However what I would do is look up the symbolism and see what makes sense to you.

Everyone is different in what things mean.

Black and White dreaming, not sure. I also always dream in color. Maybe it’s in contexts similar to the other symbolism, or might be random - although personally I would think there’s a reason you dreamed in that and not in color, if colorful dreaming is the norm for you.

Another note not sure if you work with any deities/goddesses/gods/spirit animals, but owls are associated with certain ones, and it could be a means of communication.

Especially since you mentioned you keep seeing them in day to day life

Thanks for sharing your thoughts - I definitely think the black and white has meaning too. I’ve been trying to research the meaning of owls in dreams and there are some positive and some negative answers. I felt positive in the dream so I think it does not portend death or anything that dramatic… unless it’s symbolic of a massive change (since there were thousands and thousands of owls in the dream) and was referring to the entire world, which is in utter chaos at the moment (more than usual!).

I have recently started trying to build a relationship with Santa Muerte, though the dream came before that.

Thanks again for your help!

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What I’ve noticed with dreams sent from the gods I’ll often feel the same as when I’m awake… like I can grab, touch and actually feel things… kinda like my senses are vastly sharper then in my normal strange dreams… if that makes sense?…

Also it seems some gods have a taste for the theatrical… so they may not be giving a warning or any more of a specific message then just letting you know they are their and aware of you… that being said maybe they are… I dunno…

But how am I to understand the will of the gods without Ehwaz!

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Totally makes sense! I tend to dream a lot and very vividly but this dream was quite different from anything else I have ever dreamed, which set me to wondering if it’s any more important than any other dream I’ve had. Whatever the meaning or purpose of it, I can for sure say it was a positive dream - I woke feeling really great… happy, energized and just good about life!

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