My path into thee Occult

Dreams/Spirit Encounters/Thoughts and I might post some art.

I actually don’t like the idea of posting personal things for all to read and it kind makes me feel uneased. I’m going to do it anyway because i lack confidence and self esteem and it might be good for me to post whatever and considering relatives are nosey about what I’m doing and they don’t know what am actually doing, this way i can keep track on my progress and keep it hidden.

My dreams have been wild lately and i can’t really explain what’s going on and why. I’ll start off with the first one i had months back.

A Dark room

I’m sitting in this dark small room but it feels pretty big. I’m sat facing the window next to the door, curtains are wide open and my only light is the moonlight. I’m not alone, there’s two other people, a male and a female. Both are staring each other in the eye laughing. Until the female pulls out a knife and decides to cut his throat - the guy appears stunned, he’s traumatised about the unfortunate event that just happened and then continues on laughing. I feel that both of these people are possessed or at least out of their minds, mean while I’m sat there wondering if should step in or run for the door and of course i choose to leave.


I can understand this dream i had, so I’m walking back home in the most darkest of nights, a long stretched road. I reach the end of it, it’s a crossroads too. (I’m not happy where i live, i hate it and can’t wait to leave) with all my frustrations and anger i decide to express my feelings, i decided that i won’t hold it in anymore. I’m going to express how i really feel - I spin in a circle with my arms stretched from left to right and I’m rising my middle fingers up while shouting "Fuck you all!* in the middle of that, i felt like i was being watched and I’m pretty sure i saw a shadowy figure as i was spinning around.

My interpretation is that i hate where i live and when i try to make a change things don’t work out, sometimes its only temporarily fixed or even worse, the situation that i was in is worsen - its almost like being stuck in a hole (dilemma) and the hole becomes deeper and deeper and turns into a crater.

I can’t remember the rest of my dreams i had recently because it has been so long

Schedule Daily Yoga + Meditation

Yoga Practices the Root Chakra
Mountain Pose
Warrior One Pose
Bridge Pose
Corpse Pose

Practices for Sacral Chakra
Open-Angle Pose
Frog Pose
Pigeon Pose
Goddess Pose

Yoga for Solar Plexus Chakra
Full Boat Pose
Firefly Pose
Bharadvaja’s Twist
Sun Salutations Surya Namaskar
Bow Pose

Baby factory gonna hate Open-Angle Pose

Yoga Root Chakra: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7yC9CPDR7GvLEJ8wozT39iGfdBcSvods

Yoga Solar Plexus Chakra: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7yC9CPDR7GshXvNv1TcUpqCNnJfLzRh3

Yoga Sacral Chakra: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7yC9CPDR7GtitnXXNxLW7ovdZ2kLJgMI

Chaos Tarot - Tools for Chaos Magick

Site has an app that creates sigils “witch’s sigil wheel generator” and a few other useful stuff. No more wasting paper. :+1:


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My first jar spell I am attempting, for future references and for anyone that wants to give it ago and see if it works. Please do just let me know that it work.

Sea Salt
Lightning water

Container: Jar

I first boiled sage and Dill for three minutes
(To be honest I have no idea why)
One slice of lemon and then add it to the jar.
(Optional and unnecessary, I squeezed half a lemon into the jar as well)
5 pinches of sea salt
Followed by Lightening water

Wait until the boiled Sage & Dill has cooled down and then add it to the jar.

I poured a quarter of lightening water into the jar and then filled the rest of the jar with Sage and Dill water.

I’ll be leaving the Jar just on my window sill so the sun can help empower it too, for seven days - 6 now, I’ll shake it 3 times and spin it around clockwise. Once it has been completed I will be using it to cleanse and anoint my charka points as well as driving away negative energies.

Just to list a few magical powers each Herb/other has.

Magical powers of Sage: Purification, Cleansing, Healing.

Notes: Sage is used to promote wisdom and bring in good luck. It builds emotional strength and may help to heal grief. Magickally, Sage is associated with protection and the granting of wishes. (Magickal properties of Sage – Grove and Grotto)

Magical Powers of Dill: Protection from witchcraft, evil spirits.

Magical Powers of Sea Salt: Cleansing, Purification, protection.

Notes: Used for consecration, grounding, rituals. You can also use it to cleanse crystals.

Magical Powers of Lightening water/rainwater: Protection, cleansing, and charging.

Notes: It can be used to as an offering to a spirit, the blessing of one’s space and altar and be used for anointing self/ and charkas points. It’s also used for spells and rituals.

Magical Powers of Lemon: Banish, Cleansing, Protection and purifying.

Notes: Just like Lightning water. Lemon can be used to charge up spells and seals. You can also draw sigils with it - on surfaces such as walls, doors and windows. It doesn’t leave a mark on surfaces either. Perfect for making protective sigils.