Untimely apparitions


Greets, all.

Recently, I’ve been undertaking some preliminary work with the Book of Azazel, and my wife who is sensitive to spirits and energy patterns has started to see some very strange things.

Last night while driving home around 11pm on a country road, a street light turned on about 400 yards ahead (speed of travel was 60 mph so the distance closed fairly quickly). All in all, nothing too unusual.

Right after the light came on, a dark mist she described as “shadow-like” moved in from either side of the road. At first, she thought it was a bunch of animals which we often get out here in the country, but it rapidly gathered in the middle of her lane, rose up and formed a solid, black humanoid figure.

A couple seconds later (a few seconds from impact), it instantly disappeared (rather than dispersing slowly) and the original street light which just happened to be directly above the figure switched off of its own accord.

Needless to say, she was somewhat distraught, but I would like to know if others have experienced similar occurrences after beginning work with the Book of Azazel. We are both aware that the book vibrates with a particularly dark and tangible energy (at least on a subjective, if not scientific level), but it’s never been troublesome in all the time I’ve owned it.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, James.