Unsure after an attempt to call on Lucifer

Sorry for the length and any formatting issues. I’m a newbie, just made my account even though been toddling around the forum for a bit now but I’ve felt drawn to Lucifer and King Paimon from the beginning.

The other day I decided to try speaking with Lucifer after reading that he’s helpful to beginners since I currently can’t get my hands on anything like candles or incense to do it properly. It was very minimal effort honestly, I didn’t think it would do much but maybe have him take note of me, if even that, but I decided to try anyway because I couldn’t stop thinking about him. So I put out a chocolate cookie as offering then went to bed. I laid in my dark room and attempted meditation of sorts, thinking of Lucifer and his sigil and enn and such.

Then I got very very scared. I tried to keep my mind off it and basically just… started talking to Lucifer in my head lol. (As I live with family and am only semi-verbal I can’t speak aloud). I basically explained my interest in him and the occult and my goals and such. The fear increased but I kept on and I think I was hearing unusual sounds under the roar of my fan but I don’t know if I really did or was just imagining it. I kept talking. Eventually the fear peaked to the point that I was almost hyperventilating and asked him not to scare me too bad if he appears, but I still continued talking. Then after a minute the fear disappeared and I was able to relax. I thanked him for listening and fell asleep shortly after. I did it again the next night after another day of thinking constantly of Lucifer.

The main reason I want to speak to he and King Paimon is to ask for help improving my art skills. I mentioned it in my request to Lucifer, asking him to speak with me so I could exchange something- anything- for his help. I thought I got no response but decided to draw for the first time in quite a while the next morning and noticed my art had approved, even just slightly. It’s gotten even better over the past few days with no special effort on my part.

There was NO indication I’d been heard or helped, the cookie was untouched, I didn’t see any signs of being heard, yet it seems like my art has improved already. I feel like I’m going crazy; is it just in my head or did Lucifer quietly give me a nudge in the right direction without saying anything? Has that ever happened to anyone? Is there any solid way of figuring out if it’s just in my head? Also, any general advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


Sounds like you definitely had a successful evocation. :slight_smile: You won’t always feel things at first. Keep practicing and it’ll come more easily.


I know they both like to inspire artists! I invoke or chant their enns when I draw! Try drawing something then invoke king paimon and draw that again! It’s 50% change! I question my self alot! Did I make this? How? When I draw something and it looks bad to me I just call them and do it again! They change everything from colours to brushes! It feels like the art just chooses what to be!! :kissing_heart:

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I believe it worked and as mentioned, you rarely feel anything during your first summoning.
I believe you should improve your astral senses and you control over energy. However, that doesn’t change that you did a really good job.

King Paimon and Lucifer are really beginner friendly and they can help you with arts ands sciences. Trust them and let them lead you!

As for my advice: get used to spirits and to energy flows. It’s true that it may scare you at first, it is the unknown after all. But to be honest, think of it that way: spirits are more honest and more noble than humans…
Don’t fear them, for they don’t want to harm you, nor do anything to make you doupt yourself or anything.


I’m really glad to hear that :blush: do you know any particular thing I could do to thank him?

Thank you for the advice! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thank you :blush: do you recommend any particular ways to work on my senses?

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Give some sort of offering. Theres a thread I think about what sort of offerings he likes. But fruits and such, red wine, chocolate, etc.

He also just likes having your time. Be serious on the path and committed.


Yeah. Im willing to say comfortably that you got it. When he comes to you, you will know, through something you love. That is how I experience it. Don’t be surprised if you find your mind consumed by your Art either or that you take a different approach to things.

This is how I approached him, through music creation.

Experiences like these are much more fascinating when some common denominators are in place :slight_smile:

Good luck to you :vulcan_salute: