Unsolved murder cases you want to be solved?

We all love a good mysterious, and I like watching Buzzfeed Unsolved true crime too see the unsolved cases. Like, for example the Black Daliah case. Or, JonBennet Ramsey case. There are so many unsolved murder cases, that turn cold and no one knows who did it.

Is there a case, you wish could be solved?


Yes…I have a friend, a girl form Canada, who mysteriously dissapeared and she hasn’t been on facebook for years… Nikea Munroe she called herself…; she was my friend and I loved her very much, she said she was in a dangerous situation… and I very much would like to know
1.if she died,
2.what happened before that in terms of abuse,
3.what lead to her death, and
4.how she died and
5. the name of who killed her…; if this is what happened…;

And also if some of my other friends I knew are dead or alive.
friends from school
Luke Mees
Mickey Verstraeten

I feel very very much about these people. I am still looking for clues…;
I might look into it again, but anyone having answers, I very much would like to know, the 2 last were childhood friends from school/the boarding school I went to from a period of my life that, most of all still up to today helped me to keep believing that there is some good that is worth living for, and got me through some of the worst periods of my experiences on this planet, and the 3rd one, the girl was there for me when I was going through a period of deep psychological isolation…;

Every time I tried to look into it, I was too emotional about it, I guess to receive straight answers without going into preconceived thoughts, at last last time I wondered…;

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Im sorry to hear that, hopefully there alright and in peace.

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Jimmy Hoffa, although technically no one can even prove that he was murdered.

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thanks, I still hope to find out… :slight_smile:

I have one case in my mind with a lot of reliable evidences that kind of proves the truth but I’m looking for an honest Demonic answer.

Mine! :slight_smile: