Unseen side effects or just coincidence?

I have searched as much as i can but havent found clear answers. Could there be bad side effects of working with Goetia? I have gotten mostly what i asked for with ny petitions, but a couple close relatives are going through a really bad time right now. Could this be related somehow? Any spirit causing chaos and feeding off the energy or something like that?

There are no coincidences just ignorance of variables.

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One of grandmother lost sight in one eye. Her throat cancer returned. The other grandmothers dementia got alot worse. Good possibility that she will be locked in a secure unit and unable to travel back to our country. (She moved abroad)

How did i cause this???

I’m not saying you caused it. Everything is interconnected. A spider’s web. Make one string of vibrate, the rest will respond.

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I sort of understand what you are saying. I just dont want to feel responsible for this. I didnt ask for this.

You aren’t responsible…

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We had some issues as well in my family when I was working in the RHP and even when I was in the long pause from every kind of practice. I was accused many times for bringing bad luck and illness cause I’m not into Christ and shit… And I wasn’t working with Demons or Angels whatsoever… I did felt bad some times, but thing is, if it’s to happen it will happen. And I don’t mean it in a fatalistic way, don’t get me wrong, but you said both of your family members are your grandmothers. Isn’t it normal someone’s health to get worst after some age? And we’re not talking about perfectly fine healthy people here, both of them had issues before. We can’t expect people to be always healthy and live for an eternity… Do your banishing rituals before and after and you’ll be fine. And don’t blame yourself, I can’t stress this enough…


Did you done baneful magick? It could backfire against you, especially if you ask for the help of an entity in regards about that and you don’t have good reasons for doing that. (because you can’t play with those higher forces) Or someone turned the curse against you (if you done one) or someone cursed you. Ooooor maybe that’s how the things should be…

No, I’m almost sure that the goetia demons can’t cause bad things to happen to you, be it intentional or unnintentional. I didn’t work with all the demons from goetia, but I kind of know that They don’t have reasons to hurt you. I don’t think that any superior entity (angels, demons, elementals,etc.) would hurt you for nothing. Btw, I can tell that definitely there are entities that would try to deceive, hurt, threathen you. It could be to some degrees some bad sides, but that depends just about you, you have to think wise about what your asking to receive (because it can cause some other things to happen).

May be somethings backfire if " u asked for money ( massive amounts) but u didn’t clear how u want it come to u or u didn’t mentioned in ur petition( without harm ) so if u did something like that it could be … If not u have to put in ur mind the age and there previous health conditions… I wish u u luck and ur family get well soon

And here’s me again going on and on about banishing rituals…

That said and as we all should know, shit happens and often shit just happens.