A 30-ish page softcover attache of Kingdoms of Flame I had come across,written by the master EA Koetting himself.

A rather gruesome work of literary art,might I add.I first came across it when browsing the web for something else.It’s a very very dark story.

The narrator,in this small booklet,describes betraying his best friend,when the latter thinks they’ve gone too far when they kidnap a girl and perform a human sacrifice.

It all goes south from there.

Unredeemable was written,obviously,in a time when EA Koetting himself was in a very dark place…in his involvements with O9A,or while he worked with Underground Diabolists in Las Vegas.

And I know why he wouldn’t want to answer this question.Answering it,would mean admitting to murder,rape,spying,etc. So it’s a long-shot one I’m leaving on top of his thoughts on raising children in magic-friendly environments.

But my point is…did the events taking place in this really happen?