Unrealistic versus Realistic Expectations?

In one of E.A.'s videos he stated that one reason that he initially hesitated to do “rituals for hire” was that some people had unrealistic expectations; they were not dealing within the realm of reality. For example, he said that some people wanted their dead spouse to be raised from the dead or that they wanted to get off scott-free after slaughtering their whole family.

So the question I have is this: When I attempt to do Magick, what litmus test should I use to determine whether or not my goal is realistic or unrealistic?

“unrealistic expectations” are things that you have to work hard and do a whole bunch of steps to achieve.

I want to mold physical reality as I see fit, what I learned is that has quite a few steps to get to that point, not something that happens overnight. Probably more trouble and time then what you would want to do for a paid ritual.

What I do is gauge it based on the confidence I feel. If I’m doubting and second-guessing, it usually won’t work, even if it’s a simple effect.

More confidence can be built through experience and development of willpower.

Once I had a realization that I could do anything, but not everything, since each choice made removes opposing options. It really becomes a question of what I want my life to represent.

If you can look far enough ahead, you can manifest circumstances that preclude or include things that you want or don’t want. Things that might be impossible or take extreme effort now, could come fairly easily with little effort later, as you change reality more and more towards what you want.

If someone told you they attained this goal, would you (or any reasonably well-balanced person) believe them, or think they were crazy?

The example of a dead spouse: “Joyce my lovely wife whose funeral we all attended three months ago is back alive and baking some cookies, why don’t you come say hi?”

Versus, “I started studying spiritualism and shamanism and have been able to hold some conversations with Joyce, it’s eased my grief a little and I know we will always love each other.”

The second is possible, the first, there may be some kind of observer effect but that’s a guideline to begin with IMO.

Or, “I was sitting in the doorway I sleep in, covered in filth and hadn’t had a bath in 6 months, high on glue, when Angelina Jolie picked me up in her limo, licked me clean, and gave me a job as CEO of Apple.”

Versus, “My life was shitty so I did some spells to bring myself a lucky break to get a home and the right kind of help, and then to find an employer who’ll respect how far I’ve come and not hold it against me.” < This is believable. This kind of thing happens to people.

IMO the best kind of magick usually imitates what we think of as really good LUCK plus the potential to talk to spirits.

Bigger stuff is entirely possible, I’ve done it, but for now these are useful guidelines.

(And actually Angelina Jolie IS a bit weird, so, keep the faith if this is what anyone’s holding out for! :smiley: )

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