Unnatural Attraction

I’ve just realized that over time I’ve been learning thee art of attracting and harnessing the power of attention through a point of concentration wherewhence all emotion is condensed to its purest, most coherently efficient form for the sake of the building of the foundation of my astral body which I will take with me when I die.

I was thinking it could be a form of vampirism. But no, my higherself told me, I am of the light, I am still in the heart of the black hole sun, and I hold the joy, the bliss, the love in my heart to properly represent a divine personality through the science of semiotics and synchroharmony, I encode my outfit, my charm, my priorities, my style, everything that people see and experience of me is a hacked personality designed to inspire revolutionary changes in the unconscious of the individuals who see me, thus thee collective.

This is my butterfly effective creation, tapping into the eternal moment allways.

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Dance is thee art of this. Letting yourself become engulfed by the fire of the hearts who impose upon you the span of their hypnotized attentions. Color combinations.

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The energetic signature of my presence as a pattern engrained into infinite channels like a word echoing through a mirror maze of now’s basically simplexified unto one concentrated expression reified throughout every interaction through which this Temple warships this God.