Unlimited Power


What demon can give me unlimited power. Literally, my magnetism, voice, appearance and just unlimited power.


Well they can’t just “give” that to you. They can teach you how to do stuff, but really that power is something you already have, it’s just asleep. You need to learn how to wake it up and use it. It’s not something someone can just give.


There are ways you can gain large amounts of power at one time, though not this much. The best way is possession, forced possession can be done from a distance by dante if you give him the right amount of cash. 21 days is the maximum amount of time you want to go on forced, later you can go 90 If you want all of the entity’s power. You may end up a bookshelf warlock or blowing your brains out though… schedule a consultation with him


Necromaster, I didn’t know he did this from a distance… I was thinking if I’m accepted for this I would have to travel to the US for it. Then the question to ask myself would be… which entity to go with for the first tme?


That is your choice. You will need to be able to send and receive mail from him.


Necromaster, have you had Dante do this to you? I’m actually considering having this done with one of the aliens since he’s trying to tell me how to do some complicated stuff, but right now I’m just not at the point where I can properly receive his instruction. I’m not on board 100% though, to anyone who has done this, to what degree does posession change you?


I’m not going to talk on this any further. The rest is between you and Dante, You can schedule a consultation with him if you wish. It will definitely change you though