Has anyon heard of the entity known as “Unknown”? Ive recently read into old rituals for the werewolf rite and seveal of them talk about bring forth the “Unknown” or “Dark Man of the Woods.” Just wondering if anyone has heard of this or done any types of ritual practice with it. Maybe EA has some knowledge since I know he does a lot of ritual work outdoors. I plan on backpacking this summer in the San Pedro wilderness in the southwest and was thinking of attempting a ritual with it, so any info would be appreciated.

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Count Zero He is also called the Black Man of the Woods. He is supposed to meet an offer a pact for powers. I’ve read of him on a couple of blogs. He is indeed used for werewolf rituals. I’ve also seen this term used as another name for the Devil/Satan.

Slenderman? lol

that slenderman he’s everywhere isnt he? lol but would he also be the dark man of the sabbat? Ive heard that too but didnt know the entity was one in the same and for all intents and purposes “evil.” Cant say Im necessarily opposed to that but would like to know what power Im dealing with before calling it up during a full moon in the middle of nowhere lol

Yes, I’ve also heard of him as called the black/dark man of the crossroads and is usually involved with pact making.

Just out of curiousity, where did you find informaton around "Unknown and the different aliases associated with it

I never heard of him called The Unknown. Just the Black/Dark man on the woods/crossroads. My mom had a book that had something about the Black man in it and I assumed it was Wiccan related like the Green Man and paid no attention. I live in the south so I’ve heard plenty about The Devil/Black man at the Crossroads to sell your soul or make a deal.

Here’s a blog talking about him, there are links at the bottom to the similar descriptions http://thedemoniacal.blogspot.com/2011/08/black-man-in-woods.html?m=1

If I can remember where I read the other blog I’ll post he link for it as well. I think Michael Ford has something about him being called the Black man of the Sabbot as well and has a Luciferian ritual to do with werewolves.

Cool thanks for the info I’ll def have to research what Michael W Ford has to say about the subject and report back. Thanks for the help.

I had a dream today where someone told me “the dark man of the desert” is the one posessing the “black eyed children” some people see. I don’t know if that relates at all tot he dark man of the woods.