Unknown Spirit visiting me

Last night I lay in bed and felt suddenly to be watched. As I opened my eyes I saw a man clearly looking at me. It was dark but in the light of the street and the moon I saw him. I don`t remember that he really talked to me but there were voices I heared.

Two days ago I called Amodiel.
Maybe this spirit obeyed to my order to show himself to me. I dont know if its him - Amodiel.
Do you know his sigil?

For me this is the problemo.
Do not treat them like that, just treat them equally.

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I wanted to tell that I told him to show himself.
This was no real command.

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What I would recommend whenever you are in countering new spirits is to speak to them openly like you would speak to anyone else .
understand this that you are already able to see them therefore you are set apart
Communing with spirits means respecting them, ( not on your face in fear) but standing firm with them.
As we continue to drop off the shackles of this carnate body, these communes will increase:)