Unknown spirit blows out power

Amazing experience last night. I am doing my dark meditation and my power instantly charges. I light my 3 candles and begin to burn frankincense oil.

I immediately go back into a deep trance state, and a powerful energy shows up from the west (im facing north). I feel this powerful dark energy and I immediately thank it for coming into my temple. I feel its energy, and it feels amazing. I feel no fear or anxiety, yet I know this spirits energy is MINDBOGGLING powerful.

I again thank it for coming, and i thank it for allowing me to feel its energy. In that moment, i though to myself “i wonder if this spirit could show me another sign of its presence?”

At that moment, my amplifier which i use to play white noise in the background, makes this awesome gutteral heavy metal guitar sound TWICE, and then the power goes out. Not just in my place, not just my block, but multiple neighnorhood blocks were affected. (Found out today).

When this happens, i hear in my mind “hows that?” and then we both laughed. I was freezing and buzzing like crazy, but in a good way.

Shortly after, contact stopped and it seemed to move on. I tried for a name , but got nothing. When i asked to see him in my minds eye, I saw a slender fellow with a Guy Fawkes/Rabbit mask. That was all I could get. (Any ideas, anyone???)

Nonetheless - that was the most powerful demonstration of a Spirits power I have ever seen. Amazing to be a part of that.

Btw - the city hasnt been able to pinpoint the problem.

Also just found out from my daughter, that when the power blew out, the sparks were from the power line closest to my “room”.

Amazing display of power !


Sounds like a lightening strike, i would contact the DWP and have your utility lines fixed.

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I live in so-cal, we had no lightning at all last night. Weather was not related.

If it wasn’t lightening and thunder than it must be water on your electrical lines, pure blow outs like that happen all the time.

Again, i live in so-cal. No rain last night, no moisture, very dry over here.

I choose to believe it was the spirit. You can believe otherwise.

No, no it might be the fuse box, there are many sources of water not just rain, there are many water lines in California and under ground sources that could contaminate your electrical lines and ruin your entire system.

I’ll humor the spirit idea since humans use masks as well. Well, a mask won’t help ID; so its keeping a disguise for some reason. I doubt its guy Fawkes or Bugs Bunny. Ou might have to get agressive or force it to drop the disguise. Maybe it doesn’t trust you (2-way street that be). Then again, if you’re both enjoying this contact maybe it’ll reveal in time.

I try not to buzzkill joy but i do buzzkill threatening or malicious activity since ive dealt with it a lot (albeit human).


With that type of mask do you think it is, perhaps Halloween related? I mean typically when a deity employs that type if vision with a literal mask it sounds like a major demonic attack or a bad episode from CSI.

Trust issues? Deception? Games? Fun? Eh who knows but it.


Heres the thing - wasnt a full blowout - more like a massive surge that blew through the neighborhood. Edison came out and couldnt figure out what happened.

As for the mask - i dont know. Energy was powerful, but not malicious

I do like the mask concept though it might be an imposter spirit. Since it took your power out and three blocks around you. I would definately have an electrician check your entire place. It must be a drag to not have any power and the summer heat in Cali must be driving you mad.

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How true, how true…