Unknown light

So few days ago at night. i was going to sleep but i wasnt that sleepy. So instead of trying hard to sleep i decided to just lying on my bed relaxing my body while waiting for my mind to get sleepy by itself. and when i already did get sleepy a bit i started to keep closing my eyes. while still relaxing with my eyes closed. an idea popped in my head tells me why dont i try to do somekind of a meditation in lying position. since i havent done meditation that often and once i done it i dont think i have done it properly. well yea im still new in magic stuffs and havent really give a serious try on it. and just starting on meditation. but im so impatient to see magical things happen to me.
then I did the hermetic-style breathing and try to just focus on it while keeping my body relaxed. Random things keep popping in my head but i just let them go (I often gets distracted by them before, thats why i believe i almost never done any meditation properly. but this time idk why i just can avoid them easier than before) after a while those random thoughts started to dissappear. I started thinking that i didnt do the meditation for any specific purpose. So intended to try astral project/soul travel or probably just opening my chakras. i dunno… i havent entered into some special states like gnosis or theta-gamma sync state, but i have felt some kind of vibrations everytime im doing this sort of ‘meditation’. and this time after those thoughts have almost fully dissappeared from my head, i can really feel the vibrations all around my body. but i tried my best to keep not distracted by them and just focus on my hermetic style breathing. then i thought i will just wait and keep waiting for any strange things happen… suddenly when the vibrations get stronger. I see a light in front of my eyes… like coming from the sky. Didn’t know what to do at that time I just thought “Am I able to astral prject/astral travel now? Am i opening my third eye?” it was really new to me… suddenly the light keeps coming closer and closer to me… i dont know why but i started to move and open my eyes. I was afraid im not ready to go further than that yet. I wasnt that scared but instead i was kinda excited. I just surprised because i never felt it before. Then i quickly lying my body again on bed and try to do it again but of course its hard for me because of the excitement and my impatience. so did i do it right? is what i did some sort of meditation? and what is that light? i know its not my lamp because the lamps in my bed room were shut
Cant wait to see that light again tho… probably just my imagination… but something tells me in my mind that light is something special… sorry for my bad english.

So i just tried entering Theta-gamma state few hours ago… i was doing it really well, my vision got darker and the surrounding feels like no where. until i noticed some kind of light, same like the one i got when i did the lying meditation. It appeared right from the sky (or ceiling in this case since i was doing it inside my room) I tried to not focus on it and a while later it started to move around me… i stopped entering Theta-gamma state, shakes my head. Anndd they are gone and my vision returned to normal. I was surprised… are those spirits or something?? anyway after that i tried once more entering that state and meet that “spirit”. and I did meet it. I started to think that it was my spirit guide (I was actually doing it to meet him/her anyway lol i hope i can with this way) but then suddenly more of them keeps appearing and moving around me… i tried really hard to focus but i was afraid af they could try to manifest to something and bothering me… not that im scared of them i just dont want them to disturb my focus… then when i cant hold it anymore I gave up and stopped it again once more.

So uou’ve come to a certain point of meeting something or a number of things. You mentioned a Light, a spirit and then many. Can you please go into more detail on what you saw of them? What transpired more in the interaction? Was there any sort of environmentals? What was imprinted upon your 5 senses?

I didnt feel any odd feelings from them, but they appeared right after i got those odd “vibrations”. I think when they were getting closer and closer to me, the vibrations were getting more… intense.

I see. Interesting story. Keep us updated and hopefully do more meditations. Its like reading am interesting storybook to me =)

haha glad to hear that(?) xD
sorry for late reply, i just finished my mid term exam x_x
now that i’m kinda ‘free’ hopefully I will try doing more meditations C:
well i wasnt really in the mood when i was studying for exam :d so yeah instead of study i sometimes did some laying meditations, i wasnt really know what I was doing but I was hoping to enter Theta-Gamma state, I havent entered that state successfully till now but i think its getting better and better xD last time I tried it (which was just few hours ago) I have entered a state where i dont see anything except darkness while my eyes were not even closed >_>

Try meditation music? Listening tk an old one I havent heard in awhile since a kid though its more musical. Its 30-40 minutes long and is called The Mystic Sea which can be found on youtube. It helps to bring me from darker more chaotic thoughts to more stabilized trance. It isnt continual wave sounds but is more musical in nature.

I have tried it sometimes, once i ended up sleeping lol (well i was really tired at that time) what I often used as meditation music were mostly binaural beats… and I actually used them to astral project, lucid dream, or just opening my chakras rather than just entering trance state… How foolish of me, should have just focused on itfirst >_> Never heard about that Mystic Sea one though. Will definitely try it ASAP :o Thank you!