Unknown gifts from many, Chernobog and others calling

So as the title suggests i did a some divination readings with v.k he said that i have empowered and given gifts by multiple spirits such as Ganesha and Lucifuge Rofocale the others are unknown. And that the spirits that want to work with me are Leizi, Demeter, Chernobog, Isis, Ares, Osiris, Vesta, Skoll & Hati and I about 100% sure you can add loki on that list I have been seeing his name a lot.

Any advice about working with these spirits and the empowerd satiation

Take the divination with a grain of salt as it might not be accurate or it maye be even so one reading should never be held as an end all be all and look into more confirmations, after that work on forming bonds with said entities if they interest you.

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