Unknown entity

hey guys so last night I was on the computer when i felt like something was calling me from my altar, or trying toget my attention. so later I went to my altar set it up with a candle and pentacle, moon crystals. the flame grew really tall and I tryed to talk to it but it wouldn’t really answer. I asked it if it was astaroth then candle grew dim but rose again. I asked it to name it’s self but it wouldn’t. I heard a giggle the a women’s voice said"put your hands on the altar and enjoy the ride" I placed my hands on the altar and it felt like this massive amount of energy raged from the altar and through my hands/arms. white I did this my hands started to shake like I had enourmes amount of energy. when i took my hands of the altar the shaking stopped but I still felt energy in my body. the voice said “have fun and enjoy” giggled and left. tr next day even now I feel the energy in my body. but I’m confused on who she was?like she didn’t have a name

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Put that energy to good use sounds like a lot.

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my senses are heighten than before like I can hear thing more more aware and feeling smelling touch it weird

Try the void meditation and see if the spirit that did this to you will come through.

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oh I know how to void meditate but I’m confused why it won’t give a name like it dosent want me to know or dosent have one. tennis for the suggestion I’ll try later to night.

maybe it’s a entity from the void. that dosent have a name because its not as known as the other. it was extremely powerful like wtf powerful. is ot possible for their to be entitys that we dont know about.

The spirit will probably give you a name eventually it’s just a matter of time.

Do you feel like it was from the void?

is it possible for their to be entitys that we dont know about. because it was nothing i ever felt before.

Did it have a fiery feel
or watery, earthy, airy?

which one?

kinda yeah because when i did it the room behined me or area bexame as dark and empty as the void same feeling except for the energy.

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it had neither like nothing empty.

or it could be someones demon or godform you are working with and it hasn’t been disclosed yet.


Definitely Void.

did it feel Benevolent or Malevolent
I understand that these are human constructs but it helps to identify.

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Maybe asking a Higher up Daemon they will tell you who it was.

But I get the feeling like @kiss-lamia-lilith that it was your god form


or it could be someone elses too


I honestly don’t know I felt comfortable In a way

I asked lilith and she wouldn’t give me a name

You’ll get it eventually trust me.

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alright well until that happens I’ll just have this pitch black empty powerful female unknown entity follow me around giggle and give me random surges of energy.

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