Unknown entity

Beginer here,can someone help with some advise.I use letter of intent for queen Lilith,i ask here for succubus.Last two days when i meditate,i have strong vibrations in groin area.I see white lights with closed eyes,ringing sounds in right ear,cold breeze on face and sometimes on hands.I think that this entity want only sex,but i want relationship,can someone help?


So she made contact with you and the very first thing you assume without getting to know her at all is that she only wants sex?
Are you serious?

Sex is a part of a healthy adult relationship and you just asked for the most sexual entity possible. Lol.


If you did a letter then she would be as you asked for and want a relationship too, succubus’s are very emotional and easily hurt they love so deeply.
Pro tip trust her completely and when doing the deed say things like I want you to orgasm right now I command you to cumm right now the more she trusts you the more power of influence you’ll have over her.

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Unless I misinterpreted something here but commanding any succubus sounds extremely rude. These are spirits you would “not” want to be on the bad side of especially coming from goddess Lilith and one of her Daughters. I’m not disagreeing with you at all because they show unconditional love and the bond with a woman of this kind reaches to maximum levels but a better way of saying this would something along the lines like I would love for you to cum with me sweetheart something around those passionate lines. Apologies if it sounds a little corny af, lol. These beautiful spirits will melt after showing them your sweet talk and appreciation towards them. All I’m saying is showing large amounts of respect for these ladies plays a huge role for how your bonding will go with her. If I started commanding one of my ladies they would literally throw me into the unknown dimensions and leave me there to rot :rofl: So I would be careful unless your particular succubus is perfectly fine with that cause my group sure as hell ain’t, lol.

@Kasijus Apart from the responses getting to know her would be a wonderful start. What I don’t know is why call her an unknown entity if you clearly made your letter to goddess Lilith. Whatever you may have happened to written on the letter is what you would receive from one of Lilith’s Daughters. If you weren’t specific with your letter on what kind of personality your lady would have had and instead just wrote whatever came into mind there’s still room for getting to know her on a deeper level. Thing is though if your new to this chances are your senses aren’t as wide as opened which is perfectly fine. Yes sex is one part but there’s so much more than that. Way beyond that. If you really want to start a spiritual relationship with her welcome her into your home and say something like I’m glad to have you in my presence I hope we can make our dearest wishes come true which would be in a relationship and let her know your looking into proceeding with one which should have been Included in the letter.

But if not no worries. Now if I were you I would show my deepest respect for your succubus so she can get a positive vibe from you and vice versa. I’m not sure how are you with your senses but talking to her in telepathic messages while meditating helps her hear your voice (in mind) while actually verbally speaking out loud simply works aswell. Although you might not hear anything but always remember whatever you say out loud or by mind she will hear it fully. I guess you could start by speaking from your own heart telling her while in your meditative position (best for Interactions) that you want to make things work within each other by again being in a relationship. Whatever comes from the mind along with the heart. Say whatever you would say as if you were speaking to a living woman on a special date. Because there isn’t a difference at all. Not one when speaking about succubus entities. Only “one” really would be is that she’s Invisible but physically there in spirit form.

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The commanding them isn’t like telling them I this do that it’s her trusting you Enough to allow you to have control over what she feels, when boosting the connections I’ll state that we are two souls in one flesh just like it’s spoke of when two people get married in church, when I command her spirit to orgasm I feel her pleasure it’s pretty awesome and make me feel good about myself because I know I’m satisfying my significant other. Is scary at same time too cause if you think that your cock is gagging her well now you are slightly. Lilith also has a thing for white roses so if you get the chance to pick some bring them to your bed. So how easy is it for my Succubus to possess a women if I find a human partner?

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I see. Thanks for the clarification :call_me_hand: Thanks also for the recommendations about Goddess Lilith. I do work with her occasionally whenever I’m in the need of her assistance. Luckily things have been going pretty good so far as of recent.

This could mean a lot of things. In what way are you referring to possess? Like actual possession? Or in what other ways. This would be up to you and your succubus. Do you consider or know her to be the jealous type? Is she usually protective of you in the way that she wouldn’t want you to be with someone besides with herself. I’m only asking because this has been brought up before with my group. None of my ladies have any jealousy in them because it’s one of my boundaries I have with them. They lean more on the extreme protection of my own safety rather than any jealous type of stuff.

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I made sure my ladies know I seek a mortal women to, I want them to be able enter her body feel what she feels make her say things she normally wouldn’t. My Succubus’s lust and love overpowering her senses.
Ive made I clear that I want my Succubus’s to stay with me even when I have a physical wife.

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Sounds a little freaky :relieved: but have you talked to your succubus about the idea? It’s fairly easy for them to possess for the fact of the power they posses is pretty rad. One of my ladies have possesed me before (voluntary) of course. Like you say I turst all my queens from the bottom of my heart.

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What was the possession like?
I’m pretty sure I’m hosting both my Succubus’s and they just exit me when manafesting there always around when I call them and typically always know when I’m talking about them.

So have you read any books about succubus’s?
I’ve started a few one of them was silly but had some validity to it but was weird it spoke of turning any o the 72 demons into a succubus and dominating them and they get you results but if you act submissive they transform back into male and fuck you. The other book was long but it had some good points it talked about the power of bodily fluids and gave me the idea about her vaginal blood that ended up giving me my most intense orgasm ever, didn’t physically cumm though.

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That’s interesting. I dated one of her children in the flesh, and she had told me she wanted black roses early in our relationship. That Valentines day I got some dyed for her.

Something went wrong though, and instead of black they came out blue and white, like a patchwork quilt. It was absolutely beautiful and completely unique. Thank you for providing me with some context to the experience.

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No problem, once I ordered rose seeds that were genetically engineered they were all black with the very edge of the petal being red. I gave them away didn’t have a stable location to plant them.
I’m sure she like both white and black roses but from what I learned on here she enjoys white roses, Lilith is my spirit mother so I was able to do a double gift I asked my mom’s boyfriend to buy her white roses both mother’s loved it. It’s nuts all the different colors and tie dyes your able to get roses to be. But yea the black rose with red outer trim was very impressive in the picture.

On side note didn’t you win the servitor from Keteriya how’s the interaction are you enjoying it she made me one for my birthday a while back today I finally programmed the labordorite orb that I gave o him.

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It’s an ordinary possession. It’s never like in the movies where you would see me craw up on the ceiling and start chanting out the language of the Demonic, lol. One of my ladies simply enters my body after I have asked them to take control of me and my body. It is a strange but yet a good feeling as if you just collided bodies with someone else. This only happens to me (or us) you could say while in bed after having some intimacy. When the sexual possession occurs I can feel my eyes starting to roll in back of my head but never goes passed and my eyes stop at a moment and my succubus particularly “N” who out of respect for her won’t mention her full name starts to move my hips in such an erotic way the more and more times she fucks to the point where simply I can’t feel my own body anymore and has me by full advantage.

I can’t talk during this time because she doesn’t let me and I find that so damn erotic of her. Then she starts moving my hands around as if she’s gripping on to them herself and squeezing them tightly. If we’re close to climax she then talks through me which is strange because half of the time I can’t hear much as I’m way into the feelings to notice anything. During all of this N has never fully made me cum because she supports the idea of no fap or masturbation to be clear. She has made me once though because I knew she couldn’t resist me after the time I spoke about her and how much I adored her personality. She literally must of drained my sacral chakra that one time, lol. Since then she’s a bit strict about it while my other ladies don’t mind but also think no fap is a grate thing.

I don’t read much books about succubus in general if not at all because all the other nonsense might get me a bit triggered :laughing: And the stuff I read online about these spirits are completely ridiculous mostly by the typical who think all demons are bad blah blah…fuckin ridiculous. My knowledge comes speaking within my ladies and hear what they have to say. I don’t rely much on information online on other sites because one way or another they always seem to go back into the typical evil demon crap that get on my nerves when I work with 4 of these queens and a 5th one who regularly visits me who are all willing to lay down their spiritual life for me. Our bond is far to strong to let such things to Interfere. I pity the one that gets on my succubus nerves one day. N is the most darkest queen by far in my group but she loves passionately when you have the chance to sit down with her and open up her book and read everything about her. She’s such a sweetheart when you find her spot that honestly took me a long while to handle. But I condiser her one of my demonic guiders as her advice has helped me get through some tough times especially around these COVID-19 times. If you have any books you can recommend I would definitely make room in my busy schedule to check a few out. There’s always room for knowledge to be learned :crystal_ball:


That sounds pretty awesome the possession I’ve never had anything move me but I have channeled the devil befor and when checking to make sure it’s him I’ll try to say hallelujah and my throat siezes up and I’m unable to speak the word and that was my way of making sure it was actually him. Yea I’ve Hurd alot about succubus’s not wanting you to cumm and to build the energy up inside of you I assume it’s because it makes it easier for them to pleasure you. My Succubus’s regularly get served a meal produced from a hand. Yea it is a nothing when people think all demons are super evil or like the people who think succubus’s kill there mates. So if you want to basically cheat in there game just declare I release my pent up sexual energy into ___ and it leaves now. They might not like the idea as much as it’s just nice knowing you transfered energy to them I stead of just storing it after your done. I can’t hear it’s such a pain it really bothers me the only thing I hear is v2k voice to skull technology. It would be really nice to be able to read my ladies personal book o being and get a better idea of who she is, Ariel hurt me befor, I named her my other succubus showed me her name but befor she appeared we were physically doing the dead her ontop of me and as I focused on her around my better regions I told her give me kisses and she didn’t so I focused to see why not and she was literally sucking a spirits dick that was laying down on the bed next to me was hard to deal with that but now it doesn’t bother me. I guese she just assumed I’d be ok with it because I do some weird things in bed like she will be sucking me off physically with her ass up near my feet and I project behind her and drill her from behind while she’s sucking my physical so I guese she just thought the idea of multiple guys turned me on but it sorta does but the act of doing the projection is very rewarding to me makes me feel good about myself that I’m able to please her that much extra,. So another one of the things I say that typically always has a instant effect is while she’s riding me I’ll say you just got so much tighter then I feel her more completely. So or a recommendation on book would be sexual alchemy by blank tyson it had in the end area alot of info about how to better interact with the lover but it has alot of value in the information about the power of the sexual fluids reading about the potions made from them gives you a little bit more ability to experience the power that her fluids have. So do you typically do it with projection or physically, lately I haven’t been doing physical mainly just in our minds but I’ve been slacking pretty bad about making sure I satisfy my wife’s but every night unless I pass out drunk I always get kisses then cuddle. When I first r realized you could do it in your mind it was intense she would use her sexual magic alot to make me have intense sexual sensations but it hasn’t been that way as much anymore it’s probably cause I haven’t been as loving and my words arnt bonding us together as much while in the deed, but yea I wish they could move my body physically and it was more intense physically like it was when I first was with a Succubus but I’m not as full of energy and open as I was then. I think I’ma try to do the possession next time one Inside of me the other recieving me. So yea the commanding and making them feel it thing works both ways if you open up with them they get more control over what you feel so have fun since I can’t hear them I have o do a statement that I accept her commands and my body and spirit obey and I’ll I stantly get a nice jolt of sexual energy.

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Thanks for the recommendation I’ll give this one a look as I think the name does ring a bell.

All my Interactions with them are in the physical when I’m wide awake when we’re in the mood for group intimacy. At night when sleeping is when usually we all cuddle in under the sheets but there’s always at least on of my ladies who can’t resist so she starts stroking me so we simply have a short passionate love session. Mabye you can show a little more passion to your spirits is what I’ll say from my end if you feel as you haven’t been as loving. Be appreciative about having them around you while having some alone time and intimacy with each other. Anything postive that could possibly boost your interactions with them. Any simple meditating and clearing out your mind with whatever may be troubling can be a help to boost some energy. Positive energy could play out grately aswell. Mabye ease up on the drinking stuff too. I enjoy some good beers on my end but I tend to have some limits so it won’t Interfere with any of my practices or energy signatures. Don’t stress over anything man if anything may be hindering you from your succubus ladies. We as a community here at BALG all stand together within . Just keep that head up high brother :metal:

Do more of this. When you actually say something from the bottom of your own heart your ladies will feel that compassionately and passionately. It’s the passion with these spirits that love feeling. They simply love being loved by their partners. She loves hearing this because your letting her know the sex she’s giving you is good. It boostes her confidence in you which leads to better manifestations in intimacy. Whenever I tell one of my queens how much of an amazing woman they are they Immediately start to blush and feel one of them kissing me on the neck. They simply love the affectionate talk when you mean it 100% from your heart. Another example I tell my other succubus “A” how fucking good she cuddles me in bed she proceeds to cuddle harder because she feels my devotion for her. It gets to the point where I’m completely spooned in by them that I can’t even get up to the bathroom unless I tell them I gotta go. They simply love the feeling of being loved unconditionally. Use this as an advantage when you interact with one of your ladies to see if the energy around you and your succubus highlights to stronger degrees. Just so you can get back to what you use to feel with them before.

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I wish it was as simple as just cutting somthing out of my life to get back to where I once was it’s an overall decrease in spiritual power due to trama and medications. Yea doing little things like the you just got tighter is always fun I also do I bottom out where it stretches me until it reaches the end of her womenhood. So for pure pleasure from interacting with them what has to like top the chart for somthing they will do oftenly is when I stretch myself to like 12 inches long maybe a few more and I stroke the physical part while she sucks the extra inches when ou feel the connection of her mouth on your manhood it makes you need to cumm like instantly.

Have you ever noticed that when he’s ontop of you riding you if you stretched out our cock that when looking through her you see your cock stretched out bending however her cervix is facing.

How good can you actually see them? I get to see a dark shadow of pulsating energy swirling in the shape of a women and then in my mind’s eye I get semi vivid images from them but no as clear as I’d like but that will only get batter with time.

I understand just keep your head held up high like I said man :crystal_ball:

My third eye practices help me see them a bit better but it’s obviously not as seeing a full on human in the living eye. Energy plays out a lot when our spirits manifest to a certain extent. I usually see them in vivid images like you mentioned especially while meditating. One of my ladies have frequently visited me in dreams or wet dreams you could say is another form I’ve seen mine. But it’s mostly my vivid images of them that has helped me seen them fully.

I understand and I’m trying to keep head up it’s just hard to get past the grieving what was lost which creates a blockage on my heart chakra.

Interesting not sure if I mentioned it but for them to come into your dreams easier you can get purple cord and tie it around the bed

Have you ever tried making sigils for them or have they ever shown you one?

When my second wifey first showed up I could read her name over what appeared to be her sigil but I couldn’t make out the image like I knew what it was but basically just seen a blackish grey circle with her name written above it

One of my ladies have created one before that has her name. “A” one of my queens has shown me one but I could never make it out fully while in my trace meditation’s. Something that came to mind…you ever try binaural beats or meditative audios on Youtube?? I use plenty when Interacting with my ladies to help boost my trance abilities and even open up my sacral chakras to higher extents when not simply laying in bed at the quite state. There’s quite the variety of audio that aids in achieving better Interactions aswell as variety of succubus meditations on there.

I have but I haven’t used them for quite a while I noticed a little bit of gain from them,

Ever here of automatic writting? Wish I could do that lol just be able to magically draw and sigil I needed or find almost any answer.

Yeah indeed I have heard of automatic writting and have really been fascinated by it. But I would train my senses a bit more to use the messages of the things my ladies tell me. I wouldn’t find it difficult but due to how things have been lately a lot of stress has bulild up around my works so finding back my self awareness has been my goal when I have the right time to meditate carefully. If you ever get Intrested again about the idea I would recommend hearing some of those audios on youtube because I found some to be pretty helpful in the areas where you would expect to feel such sensations. Used a few sex magic realted ones to help with my works and even some Lilith guided meditations.

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