Universal Seal of the Antiverse & Duke Bune

I thought I’d make this post because it is very important to me. I have been working with the universally applicable seal of the antiverse which @C.Kendall was so generous to share with us, BIG SHOUT OUT TO @C.Kendall !!!

Im just gunna say I have had some crazy success with using this sigil, Ive used it in test, where Id open it a couple hours before, speak my intention, i pass this test and its works.

Ive used this seal for exams on 2 occassions, and i must say i had zero preparation for the exam but somehow my will finds its way. for example my last exam i used the seal spoke my will, when i signed on to start the test, my examinors came across techinical difficulties which gave me more time to prepare. When the date come before joining the meeting i done the same thing again with the seal and to my suprise the exam was a breeze, i am yet to hear the result but i have no doubt its a success.

I also used this seal to pass a driving test, i called upon the universe and asked that i pass this test, i asked for clear roads and green lights and it came to be, i passed. and for some context i have had nothing but failed attempts for the past 18 months.

This seal is something else, I am unfortunately unable to hear or see spirits which is something i need to work on. For every time i used this seal I word repeat bune enns a number of times, every time i could feel bunes presence and i knew it was a success.

Now the reason for my post, i would like to speak to anyone who is confident working with the seal of the antiverse. I lack the ability to successfully do money magic rituals and love rituals.

I want to be able to us this seal to conjure up money and to be able to use this seal for love magic.

Any and all replies are welcomed, please if you have anything that you think will be able helpful in money magic and love magic please do share.

Hail Duke Bune and Hail the seal of the Antiverse


Love seeing how everyone is doing with this seal in practice. Keep posting your reviews and experience with it. Great work! :slight_smile:

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I will do, im going go start using this sigil for two things. My first move is gunna be some money spells and then some named loved rituals. Any advice would be appreciated. Im really looking forward to this journey and to document it on this thread!

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I have not used this seal for money or love rituals, I’ve used it to help transmute “negative” energy, supercharge an incense blend, as an acces key for meditation and astral travel, to substitute ingredients, as a substitue sigil for spirits where there is a lot of uncertainty what the actual sigil is etc.

[Edit]All with varying succes rates (the substitute sigils where only mildly succesful, which I blame on my own abilities)

Mr. Kendall did post a “manifest anything” ritual a while back, including the seal. You could probably use the ritual as a whole for your purpose or use it as an inspiriation on how to incorporate the antiverse seal in your own spellwork.


I’ve experimented with it at length and in many different ways and for many different purposes.
In terms of practical outcomes, there have been some, but many other objectives have yet to materialise.

My biggest observation in general though is that anything I call in with it comes into my space very very strongly very very quickly.

When I first started working with it, it knocked my system around quite a bit. But my system adapted fairly quickly.

My feeling is that with this its easy to bring in the necessary forces and energies for an objective, but I am still trying to establish how best to present the intention to those forces and energies when working with them in this way. To make an analogy, its like the work force you need shows up fast, but the means by which they have shown up somehow requires one to issue instructions differently to how one usually does. Just my subjective impression so far.


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Yes exactly! That is my experience as well. I am not always experienced and/ or capable enough to issue those instructions the right way. Which makes for varying results. There are always results, however

But the very first time I just focussed on the sigil and chanted the antiverse song and just meditated with it. Kinda how I test if the energy of certain spirits fits me at that moment.
It came in effing powerful!! Like I actually invoked something instead of just connected to the energy.


Can you talk a little bit more about how you did that? How was the experience

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Sure, but like I said I had mixed results doing that.
In one case invoking Azazel. Since there’s some dispute over the sigil being the same one used for Saturnian energy.

I did my invocation ritual as I have done a few times.
When it came to the actual invocation part I chanted the enn, trying to connect deeper to the energy of Azazel. When I felt the trance state coming in once again, I opened the antiverse seal with the intention of inviting Azazel and offered some blood on it calling forth Azazel by his numerous masks. Made my offerings and calling him forth once again inviting him to take hold of my mind and show me what he’d wish to reveal.

I felt some change in energy, but not much more than when doing the preparatory work such as chanting the enn. I felt black flame energy shoot through me, but no uncontrolled shivering like I usually get. No sense of foreign energy trying to adapt to my system. Some visions but nothing more vivid and serious than I get in focussed meditations. I’ve retried 2 consecutive days after that before deciding to give it a rest and move on to the next operation ^^

I suspect the problem lies in my ability to relay my intention/ instruction to the seal, maybe because I usually use a sigil as direct gateway (if that makes sense). My tries might also be those occasions where a spirit just doesn’t fully show up. I have not tried the antiverse seal yet on spirits I have succesfully invoked before.