Universal Language: The God Language

Just before I sleep, found myself wanting to post this.

I have just mentioned about this earlier on one thread. Been having hardship getting on it 'cause I can’t go back to the state again these past days so I’ve decided to put it in here. Maybe you have something about it, anything you want to say.

(Sorry I can’t tell more about the story, think I’m just in my hyper mental disassociation again. Just can’t understand where I am and myself.)

So this is it… (I’ll just make it short and won’t name some things for I can’t find suitable words and use symbols for my findings, the universal words or thought or embodiment of an idea)

This is my first finding, is about creating I think and understanding the nature of.
There are 4(or square)_ of creating(manifesting, changing, making,etc). These are:
•o=circle(space, place, earth, etc., that which embodies or binds or where it takes place),
•—=line(time, distance, period, range, air,etc., that which limits)
•^=that would be the triangle(creator, maker, source, fire,etc., who builds, creates or acts)
•→=line arrow(force, will, thought,action, water,etc., that which is induced by the ^

‘o’ is where a manifestation happens so everything made has a ‘o’. It has the other 3 of the 4. ‘—’ then gives limits to a ‘o’. The ‘^’ embodies all who creates who draws ‘→’ to the ‘o’ where after it takes effect, the ‘o’ projects the manifestation symbolised by the hexagram- the two linked triangles pointing opposite sides.

Yeah, i know, this appears in mundane aspects. I researched and tried to find suitable words but can’t find, even using many words can’t seem to picture whole of each idea. I just placed the nearest there above but still far from. I really can’t find something on how I would communicate that and the others.

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My teacher was talking about this, I was trying to convince him to write a book with all this stuff so I could look it over, since he was teaching me verbally and I didn’t remember everything, He said he would think about it. I hope he does I only remember like half of what he was trying to teach me.

oh really! I guess then that he knows the triad of a perfect creator or tree parts of a god.
Honestly, I got all these after being shifted to a different perspective or different kind of awareness but when I got back, I can’t put it all up and these are breaking my head. So I have tried to write them down but luckily I got only symbols. And trying to find terms to try to explain everything just made it complicated though luckily I’ve found associations on earlier acounts. There’s much but I can’t really put them into words.

This is very interesting. The concept is a little hard for me to grasp but seeing it in a three dimensional form helped a little. So instead of circle I saw a sphere. Instead of a triangle, a pyramid, and instead of hexagram. The star tetrahedron. The line I saw as space and the arrow as light. I don’t know if that helps at all.

So I guess a pyramid beaming the 7 chakra color light into a sphere and creating the star tetrahedron within it as a symbolic means for god hood.

Upon thinking deeper in to this. Since the pyramid is god and light being his projection of the 7 chakra points hitting the sphere(earth) and creating the star tetrahedron which is symbolic of the perfect human.(that which is two pyramids joined together) It’s kind of saying god was creating something that surpassed itself. But the place (sphere) it projects to is eden and mother and since we are within the sphere. We are fetus still yet to break free and become that which surpass god.

Jeez. I think i need a cup of coffee now.

I just discovered today that the Great Pyramid at Giza has EIGHT sides, and the design is such that they can only be viewed with the angle of the Sun at equinoxes.


8 sides?
That’s something unussual. I still can’t think what that mean.

you’re on hard work. yeah, you can also use these signs to uncover physical mysteries concerning symbolism of signs and structures.

The tetrahedron is the sign of manifestation when a circle projects the created form or situation after the whole system process. The system process is the intertwining, joining, intersecting, coinciding,etc. induction of forces that come from many ‘^’ if not from a single independent ‘^’ that creates.