Universal conjuration

Has anyone had experience with E.A’s universal conjuration?
Can you share your experiences how it worked out.
Does it work on all spirits or only demons.

What “universal conjuration?”

Are you talking about his Incantation to Summon Any Entities?

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Yes that’s what I’m talking about. Does it work on all or just demons.
I want to try it on Saints

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I’ve used it mainly for demons, but I know at least one person on the forum has used it for angels. Apparently Archangel Michael wasn’t too happy about it, though, and asked why he was being summoned “with that demon shit.”


Wow, That’s a wonderful experience but with the experience described, I can say it mainly for demons.
I’m glad it actually worked out by bringing forth an entity.

How many times should it be chanted or read for a manifestation, any clues?

I generally chant it until I feel a presence, and the time that can take varies. Some spirits respond faster than others.

Thanks so much

Do you guys tnk hecate br ok using tat mantra,? Since its for dark spirts, thanks

Is there anyone darker than Hecate the Goddess of Black magic and Goddess of the Underworld??

:heart: Anana Hecate Ayer :heart:

I get the idea tat yes i can use tat. Thsnks

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