Universal Circle

I’ve watched E.A.s video about it and seen some things about the universal circle. I was looking into doing a evocation for a Love spell and maybe extra work down the road. Can you all give me your experiences with the circle ?

Also I see there is a love spell with Astarte that came out. Would the spell the guy providing them be better or just myself.

Thanks you all!

No idea about the love spell, but using the UC definitely gives my work a boost.

Can you fee the power from the circle pretty heavily? Thanks for your response !

I can definitely notice a difference. I can get into the magical headspace a lot quicker which allows me more control of and better perception of the energy and spirits I am dealing with. I should also note that I use one I made myself rather than bought from the BALG store, but it’s the same circle.

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That’s great to know. I’ve done evocations multiple times but never seem to see the spirit. I get a character in my head of my thoughts of them and how they would sound. Then hear them, but it’s hard sometimes knowing if they are there. I use a pendulum as well to decode.

I guess it’s more about knowing rather than doubting

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