Universal Circle

Had a interesting night one of my candles exploded after a evocation i just ritually opened the circle with fire water Circumambulation several times did a one hour mediation and quickly closed shorty later a candle practically exploded have candle wax stains on a corner of the circle have managed to clean most of it off not sure how to remove the rest o the wax any idea tried running the effected area under hot water. Not Sure What I Pissed off. Any Ideas Or similar experiences please let me know

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Before assuming you pissed someone off i would ask.
Who you evoked, did you get the feeling you pissed them off during the ritual and How much energy was involved in the whole ritual.

I have had jar candles shatter or explode from the amount of energy involved a few times while they were burning down. So for me its ussally a clear sign that the energy I raised was doing what i tasked it to do.


Found out why it happens today my girlfriend came clean this afternoon and told be she is seeking another fella

Damn, sorry to hear that.

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all good am free to a good home

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