Universal circle

It’s said that when buy ea koettings universal circle that when you call spirits you don’t need to offer anything to the spirit. That spirit will freely do your will. is true when evoking spirit’s

I’m confused as what exactly your question is. Making offerings has nothing to do with the Universal Circle. There is an entity bound to the circle that will act as an intermediary so the spirit may be more favorably disposed towards you, but that is all. A spirit may still ask for offerings. I have a Universal Circle, but the Lady Lilith requested some red wine to be offered when I next call upon her. Offerings help you build a relationship with the spirit. I gave the mighty King Paimon an offering of chocolate outside of ritual as a gesture of goodwill.

Also, most spirits will freely do your will anyway when you assert your divine authority, especially demons, because it gives them a chance to act upon the world.


^ Agreed, they’re not like going to sulk and not answer because they didn’t get anything, maybe in the past when people had different ways of viewing things, although I doubt even then they’d be able to resist a really juicy situation that was right up their street).

Malzaz Hyroth (sp?) seems really cool, and you might find that you enter into a working relationship with one or two spirits, get to know them (as much as we can) and that it’s nice to give a little gift or offering.

I enjoy being out and about and seeing something a spirit I work with a lot would like, it’s like having an extended family who like the same kinds of things as me, candles and crystals, or nice paper for their seals. :smiley:

While I strongly doubt a King of Hell shares an enormous amount in common with an English housewife, there are some languages that seem to cross all boundaries, and the giving of a gift bought with genuine love and happiness is definitely one of those things IMO.

They often seem to care more about the emotions associated than the size of the gift, so make sure to never offer something that you resent, that would be a horrible feeling if someone gave you a gift, and then was maoning about it. It would suck all the joy out of the whole thing, and make one not want to accept anything in future. :thinking:


How does one insert divine Authority
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