Universal Circle Review (Video)

The Universal Circle Review.

Yes I know the video is upside down :joy: I have tried about ten to twelve times and it’s taken over four days so just deal with it.

It’s the dialogue that’s mostly important anyway :joy:


I just kinda giggled. Sorry I know you are really trusted with it but I have said this a million times when I am just done with something.

Even upside down it is an amazing video.


I thought the upside down thing was part of the ritual.:thinking:


Australian video! :+1:


Still an amazing video, point still comes across, just makes it quite unique the way I see it.

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I just put my phone flat on the table and turned it around. Us Aussies are accustomed to being upside down and have learned how to cope.:rofl:

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Yay, finally I have a video I can watch while doing a hand stand lol jk

thank you again for the time making videos. I do enjoy them.

Beat me to it!

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If things like this happen again, Pm me. I cam edited for you, sir.

Good topic anyway