Universal Circle Just Arrived

My Universal Circle Just Arrived Am Very Impressed With The Size & Quality Have Used It On About 4 Occasions Now Have Had Interesting Results So Far


How much was it?

About $218 delivered to Australia

Had a interesting night one of my candles exploded after a evocation i just ritually opened the circle with fire water Circumambulation several times did a one hour mediation and quickly closed shorty later a candle practically exploded have candle wax stains on a corner of the circle have managed to clean most of it off not sure how to remove the rest o the wax any idea tried running the effected area under hot water. Not Sure What I Pissed off. Any Ideas Or similar experiences please let me know

I have had great success with mine! I charged it with blood.

Is it possible to charge it with semen.
It is more powerful

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Of course it is possible