Universal Circle - Finally

Hi there,

Hope y’all doing great. I finally bought my UC today and i can’t wait for it to be shipped to me. I did some research after i bought it about it and i have few questions i was hoping someone could answer them and i will also answer them from the knowledge i gathered. Please excuse my ignorance and insecurities i just want to confirm:

  • what should i do and how to do the concentrating ritual= after cleansing the temple with some sage and do a cleansing ritual, i will step in the circle and prick my finger and cover each letter with a little bit of blood and chant “alash tad alash tal ashtu”! so is that good enough to concentrate? or should i call upon malzaz?

  • Is there specific cardinal directions for the writings or circle? also do i need to face south in the concentration ritual? Note: i saw an image while searching of ea giving his back to the bottom spot for candle space and facing towards the 2 empty space between the writings where to place the candles: so is that how i should place it facing the direction of the spirit i am contacting?

  • So after the concentration ritual is done, should i keep my blood on it for a bit or forever? cause i really want to wipe the blood for the sake of not having any roaming spirits feeding of it and/or having blood smell in my place.

  • I read that after buying it i should receive an email with a video or instructions? i only received a receipt! ?

  • any other advise that you could give me ? also, if u have it and used it do you think it made a different in your rituals/invocations/evocations?

Thanks in advanced.

I haven’t purchased one yet, though I may get myself one as a “pandemic present” to myself.

Let me know how it goes once you get it! I’m debating between the UC and the QC


well, you deserve a gift <3

Of course i will update this thread. Also, to your debate from my search i think the UC is better.

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Yes, that is good enough. That is all I did, and all EA mentions to do in the video he released about it. The circle is already consecrated, so the blood is simply an extra method to help bind it to you.

No, there is no specific direction.

No, that is simply how EA happened to be sitting. You can copy it if you want to, but it is unnecessary.

Keep the blood on the circle. It won’t attract any roaming spirits and dried blood doesn’t smell.

No, there is no video or instructions that go along with the circle. You just receive your receipt/proof of purchase. The only time I know of when you will receive a video is if you purchase a ritual for hire.

Yes, it has. Everything goes smoother.


It may be the better choice, yeah.

I know UC is geared towards literally anything and the QC is geared specifically towards demonic energies, more so Qliphoth.

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thank you darkes.

*Be Blessed

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yeah… and even though i work only with demonic i was like i should just get the UC

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just to be fair to BALG store. I saw a lot complain that they wait a month to get their circle. i ordered it 2 days ago and it was shipped yesterday and its on the way. I can’t wait to get it and to meditate and doing a ritual with it. i wanna see and feel what everyone been talking about.

As i began this path working with Lucifer, i think the first ritual i will do is invoking Lucifer as a way of showing respect and honor to him since its been a minute since i really contacted him.

Hail Lucifer.

Funny thing, that before it was sent i was planning on honoring Lucifer by invoking or evoking him first, not sure which one will i do. anyway, the circle arrives this Saturday, which is the best night to summon lucifer! Is that a coincidence or did he hear me and its his way of saying i appreciate it or looking forward to it!!!

I have both of them. If you want I can go over the difference as I’ve used both but for different entities, sort of in PM or in this thread if you like.


If you could, could you pm it to me with your experiences? If you can share as I know somethings are just private.

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Of course I can. I’ll get to it soon enough, I’ve got a few study related stuff to finish first but after that I’ll get to it. Sounds good?



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please feel free to use thread to have this be useful for all <3 if not then, pm too if u don’t mind. just out of curiosity and knowledge purposes

thank you

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I’ll do both then a public version and a private version of sorts.

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awesome, looking forward for your pm.

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Hello @Fallen_Human and @itsnathanm7 your respective PM:s will have to wait until tomorrow as I underestiated the amount of time required of me to study for my seminar tomorrow. You can expect a PM after that until then, all the best.


thank u for the update

No problem

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i just received my universal circle… i am so happy i got it and i consecrated it with my blood today. I am not sure if i am hullicinating, but honestly when i stepped in the circle i felt a bit different and at one point my facial hair stood up and got goose bumps.

One things that i am upset about is there was a thumb size white stain next to one of the letters written around the circle. @Timothy @E.A

However, i will not be returing the circle, but i wish the cleanness of the circle was as good as the quality of the material.

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