Unintentional Elemental Evocation

I accidentally evocated an elemental. I know this is possible, but why? I think it was when I was reading tarot, I know it was a gnome cause he has hidden my necklace :frowning:

You may not have evoked it at all. My brother had this happen and it was what you describe only more … threatening? It was a sort of watcher and meant no harm but didn’t want to be messed with.

Are you super sensitive to energies? It could be that. At any rate, play nice and you should have no issues.


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I’m very sensitive, I tried contacting it a couple minutes ago asking for a trade, my necklace back and I could give him an apple and a shiny coin (my mate told me that they usually like these). But right now I’m feeling a heavy energy in my room and my purses have just fell of the hanger. I’m scareeeed

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I’ve never heard of that being done on accident. If that’s what happened, that’s impressive in a twisted way. Can’t you just banish it and do a recall spell?

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Don’t be scared but don’t be aggressive either. Try to ask it what it wants and go from there. It’s not something you want to piss off but you don’t want it hanging around either.

See why it’s there and negotiate. I know they are scary from what I’ve heard but generally aren’t out to ruin your day.

I don’t know how to make it haushwjwhaksjs I’m not used to spells or evocations…

I made another offer, I don’t know why it came in the first place but it seems more calm now but definitely still here.

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I just asked my brother, he’s a little more versed in this area. He said you likely called on the local nature spirit of the area and this guy was it.

If you offered a coin and apple and your purses fell down he thinks you should offer a coin purse to it also. It could have been satisfied with the coin and wants a satchel- nothing fancy.

IF that doesn’t work and it’s upset still then it may have gotten offended that you offered it a coin , implying buying it. If that’s the case just explain that you thought it was a nice offering and you meant no harm by it and it’s a gift. Ask it to leave and let it know it’s welcome to dwell outside in the other areas.

He also thinks it was just checking on you and you’re receptive so you just happen to notice it. Hes a ridiculously gifted medium btw and he doesn’t sense anything nasty.


Try what I suggested and if all else fails a normal banishing will suffice. I would invoke any deity associated with the earth. Pantheon doesn’t matter. But I don’t think you’ll need to.

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I think it worked now, I’m just not sure where to put the offer tho. Still new in these things, probably next to a tree? Thanks for your help and for your brother’s help too, I really appreciate it.

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Do you have a little garden area? With lawn decor? Just DONT bury it. Leave it outside and preferably ON something . I’m your yard or erea lest someone else gets it.

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If not, try to create a placement for it even if it’s a small pile of rocks. Wait a few days and if things go totally smooth then you can bury it under the rocks or near the tree.

on something? I don’t have a garden, but there’s a park near my flat, maybe I could hide it in the bushes so no one can gets it

Just make sure it’s in your general vacinity because that’s where the thing most likely came from. Too far and it’s in a different territory. I wouldn’t put it directly in grass or dirt out of respect so get some rocks even a few as a sort of placemat for it.

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Thank you very much!!

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No problem, good luck!