Unintentional Dream Walking

I’ve been having dreams talking to people I used to have quite a connection to, and this morning I had first confirmed case of dream walking. I haven’t been trying to do so intentionally, but I have asked for King Belials help dealing with some abusers. I had a dream last night the important part being seeing a man, but not his face, being attacked by a centipede crawling down his arm and biting his hand and later being tangled up in his hair going after his head. I was sort of observing not talking or anything. Well, in the morning One of my targets told me how he had a dream that a centipede had viciously attacked him while I watched and cruelly made fun of him. Could this be Belial working through me in a dream state, or is there a more powerful part of me working while I am unaware?


The dream seems to have two parts, one is a warning to you with your castings, not to bite the hand that feeds, no matter how much you dislike your opponent to get him out of your hair.

The black centipedes mean you are letting your fears get the best of you. They may be running your life out of control. Stopping you from progressing. You feel you are being shut out of important decisions and need to fight back.

The second part is a warning to your target that something has been cast against him, a hex of destruction.


I don’t know if you have ever heard of coyote Peterson on YouTube, but he did a series of bite videos. The centipede was like the desert one he got a bite from.

The weird thing about the dream was I had a dream of watching it happen to him as he dreamt about it with me watching.

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I think I also forgot to mention, that he dreamt of it attacking his arm hand the same way I saw it happening in my dream.

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The hex and casting seems to be a double edged sword, stay back and avoid this person and further contact. Let the casting do it’s work.

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