Unintended Results

So I completed my first spell that has had some unintended results. Here’s the gist of things: A very good friend and professional colleague asked me to invest in a new business he was starting and I would become part owner. No big deal, but was a substantial investment. I agreed.

Things progressed in my own business and we hit a large load of new work. I then had to hire new employees to fulfill duties here (read as a substantial investment). This left me not really wanting to take on the additional risk of investing in his new business as originally agreed.

I put together a ritual to get me out of the obligation. It has worked tremendously, but I never even hear from my friend anymore. It was like a switch was flipped and my office never hears from his company.

In hind-sight I should have just worked it out with him like I would have anyone else that is not my close friend. Truth be told I was embarrassed to confide that I had changed my mind and did not want to make the large investment anymore.

So I’m not crying to get advice on how to fix things, but what do you do to steer things with all outcomes in your favor. I will not be a “solve one problem, star another” magician.

Typical. When you’re not careful on the specific wording of your intent, it can be strangely literal. I still do that to myself, and read about similar backfires all the time.

I might annoy them with how many times I re-word things, just to make sure there’s no misunderstandings lol

There’s times I don’t know who to call on or how to explain what I want, so my guardian will take the request (he knows exactly what I have in mind) and deliver it for me.

Maybe next time ask your guardian to attend the meeting?
Also being stern with the spirits… They know what you mean and how far you’re willing to go with things, sometimes, it seems they just want to see how far they can push you.

…my experience, at least.

Thanks for the input. It is appreciated.

Oh well, I got what I wanted in the end. Need to take this as a lesson though, as outcomes I guess in theory could be worse.

I’ve found it easier/more effective to visualize the entire scenario/concept rather than use words. Then, I can more accurately and precisely describe/see/display the goals/objectives/desired outcome. Words are too malleable and tricky/deceptive/dangerous for me since I’m the only one with my worldview.

I was reading an account of someone who was watching a volley ball tournament on TV, and just for fun, he decided to use magic to “put that last place team in first place”. It worked, the last place team shot up to #1.

But… then the team who was currently in last place shot up to #1. It the end, it wasn’t the team he was trying to have win. All because of the logic behind the wording of his intent.

It’s a lot like logic problem in computer code, they create the same kind of unexpected backfires.

Hah! Nice, Cusp! Spiderwebbing backfire is the worst. And maybe working in software with a jillion patches and watchcodes and rollbacks (and seriously pissed off clients) after every version go-live makes me leary as well. ugh.

Before I make requests, I totally examine my motives and concept and do tarot readings before and after the ritual. Sometimes pre-ritual, they’ve guided me into waiting, more contemplation, and totally revising my mindset.