Unidentified black knight

Hi all I had my first divination done by a very helpful person on here and sed she saw an unidentified black knight can anyone give me any info on this is it a meening or a spirit all she could give me where the names of what came to her ill post the names below and help would be amazing as I can’t ding much on two of them

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Baal (Bael), The Grim Reaper, Lucifuge Rofocale, and an unidentified Black Knight.I asked for a divination to see witch spirits are interested to work with me but I can’t see or hear them stubborn 3rd eye lol and two I can’t ding much about the Grimm reaper and unidentified black knight

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It’s “he” btw. At least with this corporeal shell (I’ve mutilated my soul so much that I can’t quite attest for anything else)

P.S. Hopefully I didn’t break any rules. I didn’t per say offer a free reading. It was @Novicebrett who made the thread. I just responded.

That’s the only one I can actually explain. PM me.

The knight could be Zepar

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