Unholy Sacrament


What if you administer your own blood/semen/tears to somebody to where they ingest it without knowledge.

I know The OTO and some sanguinary groups do this;but they are willing to accept it.
In this case the “victim” is completely unaware.
I know this seems highly immoral but I want to here some feedback on this topic or if this is a real thing.

Ew, grossest thing I heard all week - why!?

If the donor has a disease that’s transferred this way, and you get caught, you’re going to jail.


Usually this type of thing is done as a love spell or a fidelity spell.

Traditionally, women would slip some of their menstrual blood into their lover’s food as a way to keep them from straying. One of the most famous cases of this was a concubine of King Henry (I think) feeding him her blood to stop him from throwing her over for a younger model. The only reason she wasn’t executed for witchcraft was because she was of noble blood herself so she was exiled, if I remember correctly.


I know someone who puts her menstrual blood in her husbands food to control him


i wouldnt recomand it it isnt worth the risk with blood tears or even blowing over the cup would do

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So what does this have to say about the sanguinary magicians like Vampires and the OTO?
I know for a fact that the OTO make sure to completely cook the semen and blood used in their “Light Cakes” to eliminate bacterial infection.

Sanguinary groups do not do this though.
Like the Red Witches.
Which I’m still learning about.
Still Hypothetical
Still my opinion.

I can’t speak to the vampires, but the OTO uses the semen and menstrual blood as a Eucharist, to return the energy to the body. I believe the practice was started by Alistair Crowley, I think, and became part of his religion of Thelema, which is where I first read about it. It’s not supposed to be cooked though, nor fed to someone other than the donor as far as I know.

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Cake of light is indeed baked. All those who partake in it are fully aware of what they are consuming, if a person didn’t know what they were being given by code of Thelema that would be violation of will and the infringement and imposition of another persons will. That is regarding O.T.O.
Now as far as sympathetic magick goes, it is said that a witch would turn her nail clippings into powder mix it with menstrual blood and bake it into a cake to make a man fall in love with her.
If your attempt is baptize or induct somebody into something they have no knowledge of, I will most likely be seeing you down the river Styx lol.
You want respect from others be respectful to others, if you don’t want people cramming religion down your throat than literally do not do the same thing.
You have your own will and will make your own choices. Try thinking outside of the box and use your magick to raise the bar.


Kind of unrelated, but I have been giving menstrual blood to Belial sometimes.

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I know Thelema has a Eucharist where you take your own fluids back into your body as well. Crowley talks about it in his writings.I didn’t know the OTO had “cakes of light,” though. i thought that was a Wiccan thing. lol

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I actually never heard of the use of Cake of Light in Wicca. I know it is a part of Gnostic mass and Crowley recommended that the magician take part in the Eucharist daily in Liber ABA.

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