Unexplained scratch on my side

So, I get scratches often. I live with six cats so it’s kind of a given that I need to deal with big scratches every now and then. I also work at a place where I chop large pizzas with big two-hand knives right next to an oven so I get some cuts and burns sometimes.

Now, I just found a big scratch on my side, and it wasn’t there this morning or afternoon. I haven’t picked up a cat or had one snuggling with me. I did drop a thin metal spatula at work today but I was wearing two layers of clothing and it’s not very sharp so I don’t think it’s likely to have caused it. I also got a weird feeling just from the look of it; kinda powerful and daunting yet familiar and calming.

I read that unexplained scratches can sometimes be a spirit trying to tell you something or giving a personal sigil to you. Can anyone verify if that’s what’s going on?

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What it look like?

Kinda like a V with a broken line and a tail. From my angle it would also be up-side down.