Unexpected turn of events

So for the last 2 weeks I was working with sovar as the focus for my kunda yoga which drove me to make multiple shifts in my routine geared more toward building self-discipline such as working out or going on hikes even if I’m wiped from work, meditating more and the like. This last week my focus shifted a bit to meditations on removing the obstacles that hinder this process and how to remove them.

As most of these are tied into my passions both towards creative expression and sexual expression which end up distracting me at times I focused on ways to use low and high magic to aid in changing this. Now what came to mind was nothing i could have expected.

The clear idea of evoking sitri came to mind with the goal of having him teach me to control passion as he does through invocation and through lessons that would manifest in my life. Yesterday morning, 2 days after this evocation and my following invocations of sitri there was pull to shift the focus of my kunda yoga to akatash.

Right from the onset of the practice becoming the black sun the air felt heavier, by the time i had finished with emanating the black sun it felt as if i was underwater with dense the pressure was.

I am going to be incorporating the litinay of the shadow of saturn to capitalize on the momentum that seems to be building When I do my next session of kunda yoga.