Understanding this subject

now I am flirting with some of the ideas that EA allowed me to hear but, I don’t know were to start or if I can even dive into the subjects that he is even bringing up. for an example Evocation, or even the idea a looking to other thing for knowledge or even power. I’m not a greedy person, but I’m not saying that wonting to better ones self is greedy but all most that fact that we are a living god not becoming one we already one just trying to find our path. I feel as tho that there my be something bigger out there and I don’t wont to pick a path that my condemn me. If we are our own god then that means I will not have to bow to and internal punishment and that I can do what ever it is that I like but is that morally right to do? Not that I think that there is right and wrong or good and evil but I do think there is some kind of understanding of things that should and should not be done. Like the understanding that we are all equally important to ones self there for it will always be me over you. But is that a bad mind set to travel threw out life? Does that make one greedy? How can one wake up after never going to sleep have I always been or just now generated, when I die will I live on in this realm of the unseen and live again when I feel it may be my time? I feel we are all connected in some way shape or form. Anyway I’m going to stop Ranting on about nothing and see if some one can share their beliefs on this subject. If what I have said does not make and Since then I’m sry just wonted to throw something out there.