Understanding Franz bardons iih

I cant understand his work very well. He uses a lot of terms that I don’t know and his explanations while thorough leave me incredibly confused. He doesn’t really spend much time on each element and how it affects things. Maybe its because I’m reading pdfs but I’ve been trying to understand for like 4 weeks. @DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva and anyone else have the same problem? I’m kinda worried because he says not to continue until you understand them because the foundation of magick is understanding how to manipulate them and I don’t want to skip ahead until I do


My advice would be to ignore the explanations Bardon gives, and learn through experiencing the elements themselves. You will gain more understanding through that than paragraphs of exposition.

A simple way would be to pore breath each element, and record its effect in your life. Do one element a week, starting with whichever you feel is your weakest one. However, make sure to balance it with its opposite the next week.

For example, if you start with Fire, the second week you should pore breath Water. This helps to prevent becoming elementally unbalanced.


Alright I haven’t read any farther than the first exercise so I will take your advice. Thank you btw.you cool if I tag you if I hit another block?

Always, my friend :slight_smile:

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Pore breathing is introduced in Step 1 of the Physical training part so you can do it along side the first mental training exercise without any issue.

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It’s not written to be understood the first time. It’s not to be understood the ninth time after you’ve tried to correct your misunderstandings eight or twelve times over on every point you thought a concept consisted of necessarily, either. It makes more sense the more you try and use it. Eventually it’ll click, you’ll break something with your mind and go “heh. Gottem.” Then you’ll go back and read the damned thing and realize it has deeper layers you can break more shit with nineteen times over. It’s a process is my point.

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Bardon only can give you what he understands of it.Your experience on them will be different.Your understanding is more important than Bardons in this case,man.

This one is up to you.He has a good system on building one after another and his waring is for that so you wont stagger yourself in next steps but I will give you a hint, you will come back to stage one after your understanding will be different, maybe couple of times.

Also you cant take everything he said as absolute truth, guy was pretty entitled on his opinions.

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