Undercover Church Attendance

Im curious about this idea and if anyone has done something similar. One of my main focus points as a Warlock is to summon thee Apocalypse, Thee End of Time, or Revelation on Earth, not to manifest the Hollywood version, but to bring light into the mind of Humanity for the sacred Ascension of our collective Gnosis, which is symbolized in myth as destruction of thee olde ways by the Risen Cthonic Powers such as Cthulhu, Leviathan, Tiamat, Lucifer, Behemoth, etc. for the consuming of reality(the veil) to bring the unconscious abyss into the conscious fore.

I have been contemplating a way to quicken this happening on a larger scale by going to churches with large gatherings of people who are plugged into their herd mentality, and opening themselves to the holy spirit, tapping into that spirit, and implanting a concentrated intension of my own magic into that cloud.

Care to brainstorm with me?

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Just plant seeds of awareness in them. Don’t try to force them to change their ideology, just get them to examine it. That’s what I recommend at least.


I’ve had it occur to me plenty of times to go to church!
Not necessarily to convert others or to dissuade people from their religion but more to see what’s going on and what the “temperature” is in my local congregation.
There have been many times I actively contemplated becoming a regular churchgoer but …
their god doesn’t want me :stuck_out_tongue:
and I’m not sad about it :stuck_out_tongue:

That said I don’t really have the desire to rock their boat or to shake up their world view. I feel I have as much chance of doing that as they have trying to convince me to join a convent. To each their own I guess.
As long as they leave me alone, I leave them alone and that way we can peacefully coexist.

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Mass hypnosis in a church at Xmas to change the congregations mind? Good luck most Xian congregations i have encountered are brain dead…

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I don’t mean trying to change their minds by talking to them, I mean implanting psionic seeds.

@lawclerk they are much more susceptible to outside psychic influences such as from a masterfool like me when they are in that state

I would include the drawing of symbols upon the furniture, and the steering of conversation as well as it pertains to constellating a portal in their subconscious as a receptacle for my psied.

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@Atinama sounds like a fascinating experiment creating a demonic portal or pyschic portal to someone’s mind and trying it in mass at a church. Might be wasted energy but… Could work and be fun.

In my system, all energy is recycled efficiently into the highest quality of anecdote and wisdom.

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