Under pressure lately

I’ve been under pressure lately, not only with learning new job but I lost faith in the Gods to deliver, just a few hopes dashed to pieces.
If you can send me good vibes and help me out, I’d appreciate it.



You got it bro… Sending positive vibes your way

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@Zenifon PM me man! I’m going to be really busy, but I can always make time to help out a brother in Ascent :smiley:


I respect you so please don’t see ill will in the following:

Zenifon’s Tower is crashing.
Good! Let it crash. Clear the pile of smoldering rubble.
The ground is shaky. All ground is shaky.
Rebuild it once more on a renewed, more persistent, dynamic foundation.
Don’t rush it.

Gimme a sec while I climb down my high horse …

Congrats on your new job dude! I’m sure you’ll adapt quickly.



Then deliver for yourself.

You don’t need spirits to cast spells.


^^ THIS…

If I could give this a million ‘likes’ it still wouldn’t be enough…

Don’t get me wrong - working with Spirits is great and all - but don’t forget about your own Personal Power… :wink:


Thank ye but it isn’t a new achievement really. What happened is where i worked is now part of a forced merger, same job but in a new place with lots more staff, stricter work regime and new work practices and no real chance of promotion unless I do another 4 year degree in a subject . Nothing to celebrate about that really,

Don’t get me wrong, that guy the other day on the forum , unemployed in Illinois, ok he’s in a worse predicament but it’s a similar predicament on one level.

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PM me if you would like. Sending positive vibes your way!

Ah understood! I know the feeling. Broke out of that shit and became an independent contractor. Doesn’t work in all industries.

The Dale Carnegie book: How to Win Friends and Influence People led to me making 50% more money in the same place within two years.

Is your industry something you could do on your own? What I’m getting at is incorporating your own business while remaining where you are, then as long as you do something for the business, you can put it on your resume as extra experience. Win a few friends, they do the same and you can use each other for extra experience.

It works with me because I’m a software dev of sorts. Can it work for you?

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And when you feel the pressure The strain is hard to measure So in your sheer endeavor Forever hence, Believe yourself! And when you feel the pressure The strain is hard to measure So in your sheer endeavor Forever hence, Believe yourseeeellf!

stand up be strong
know right know wrong,
forever hence believe yourself


^ This is really good advice, also The Science Of Being Great by Wallace T. Wattles (name always makes me think of a turkey!) is really great for situations like this.

And hey, you’re a magician, so that 1/100,000,000 improbable thing CAN happen for you, to change things for the better! :SD


No that would be literally impossible, it’s a state funded situation . I mean, haha that sounds really negative but it isn’t.

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Thankyou King Belial, you gnashed and snapped your fangs at me tonight when i summoned you and let me realize that my job is ok, it allows me to pursue other things in my spare time.


Now THAT was nice to read. Very good. It certainly jives with the spirit of the forum!

Hail Belial!


I adore this about BALG. I find more love and compassion here among people on the LHP than I ever experienced/ felt from any fucking church. Makes me cry sometimes. I feel like the most useless person on this forum, but no one ever made me feel that way here. I make myself feel that way. I think for some people, this is the only place to feel a little love. To feel normal. I wold rather just make useless posts here than see the best therapist in the world.

Zenifon, I know that feeling. It is cold and terrible. Sometimes, I panic, when I get a bad bout of depression. My sensitivity to anything decreases. I feel abandoned and alone. The comfort I felt in the presence of the spirits, seems cut off. Nothing can touch me. My world goes to shit, and I feel like no one sees or hears. It is scary, and you wonder if you will ever feel connected again.

I think Rahnoran gave you a reading. I Feel good about what he said. Sometimes shit needs to just move out of your way. We dumb humans are victims of tunnel vision sometimes, especially when we are backed up against the wall.

And cheer up, at least you aren’t shoveling shit like those poor dalits in India.


Make a T-shirt out of this and wear it to your next shit shoveling job!! (I’m not saying that is what you do … )

… everybody with a shovel would either laugh until they cry, or beat you with it. Either way it makes me giggle just thinking about it.

The most useless person on this forum isn’t even the one who doesn’t participate, it is the one that can read the posts and not even try to find worth in it. Sometimes there is value in reading a post that is pure bullshit! (looks like we have a theme here) When you look at some BS and can reflect on it and say: “This doesn’t resonate as true for me”, at least the post made you think! Besides it isn’t so much about a person being useful to the forum, the forum should be useful to YOU.

Mondays, now THOSE are bad. Wednesday I can deal with since it is much closer to Saturday. HAR HAR.