Undeniable Success

There are many people who begin on the path of the esoteric sciences whom don’t know where to start. That’s okay. We all started there but it’s all a matter of getting the momentum to never stop.

When you can call up Paimon through sigil magic, feel a presence, issue your command for a job to come to you and the next day, you talk to a stranger that happens to be the manager of a company and has an open position for the exact position you’re qualified for, that’s when you know something happened. That’s when you know you brought forth something.

There will always be nay sayers. Those who will tell you it’s all a game, you’ll grow out of it and it’s very possible you will grow out of it. It’s very possible it is all a game. But until you feel the physiological effects of taking in massive amounts of power from around you, calling forth creatures not quite from this world and causing changes in the world around you to more and more exquisite degrees, you will not know for sure.

You will go through a Dark Night of the Soul. All of your beliefs will be questioned and your core distraught, but when you look back at your notes, ritual workings, successes, you’ll know. You’ll remember.

So, the moral of the story is this: Regardless of what Path you’re on, what you’re doing or where you are, just do something. Anything. Meditate, call forth the spirits around you, sit in nature, construct a stone circle, look at the stars and feel the power come forth.

Paimon is one hell of a spirit. Pun intended.

@WrithingParasite - good stuff!
@PoeteMaudit - sho u right!