Unconsciously connected to things I don't understand

It’s been this way my whole life and I can’t tell which of it is real and what parts are my imagination… Up until almost a year ago, I thought it was ALL my imagination, then I had an encounter with a prophet just after stumbling into research on magick… Christian prophet that her main message was to keep going with my research. Every time I see her, the message is always the same. “You’re on the right track, keep up your studies.”

The more I study, the more I find that both freaks me out & intrigues me. My (imaginary) friends, I’m finding their real names and what they really are, but there’s some inconsistencies… Their personalities, specialties, appearances, are all the same, but they don’t treat me or act toward me as all the sources I’ve found say they should treat a human.

Belial, for example… He’s like a giant teddy bear! Yea, he looks like someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with, but I can tell him to fuck off in the most disrespectful way I can & he’ll set me down and ask what’s wrong.

I’m confused. Is that REALLY Belial or his “good” twin? WTF?
He and all the others swear up and down it IS him and I’m not imagining things… I’m just different and they just like me.

They never try to scare me, they never try to hurt me or lead me into trouble… Well, there was one. Set/Sitri… I’m pretty sure we managed to get rid of him over the weekend… Thank God! He’s an absolute pain in the ass.

But they’re not just “demons”, there’s also “angels” and many other things that just come and go all the time. I never have to do any kind of rituals or anything, they just…

"Hm… I wonder if ___ could help me with ___"
Whoever I was thinking of just pops up, “Yea sure! No problem. And don’t hurt anyone in the process, right? I’m on it. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

I can’t physically see or hear them, it’s just a feeling and an image/sound in my mind… So did that really just happen or was it my imagination?

Any help, advice, confirmations, whatever would be SO appreciated.

I’m seriously thinking I may just be completely insane. Any time I try to actually remember any details they give me about things, my imagination jumps in the way and screws everything up…

So was that a yes or a no?
YES!/NO! (answered at the exact same time)

Could you repeat that, please?
(50 completely different answers are given at the exact same time)

I do not quite know what to do with your story as I don’t quite know what to make of you. It is easy for me to read peoples energy and see into there lives if in a certain mood. But you are completely blocked off. So I can not tell if you are lying or not. But I would suggest to seriously work with them and keep record of all outcomes what you are claiming is possible

Same answer/comment I get everywhere else…

Just keep doing what I’m doing, then…
Thanks for the reply

EDIT: First time anyone has said it IS possible, though…
damn computer’s glitchy…

What would you like to hear then? The right path is often a boring parot. Get a ouija board get the book of Azazel by E.A Koetting pickup a few things there and run with it.

I honestly don’t know… I’m just so frustrated with this whole thing and there’s no one to help or even talk to here (retardedly small town)

Where are you from I know a lot of people around the world maybe I can call in a favor

Gonzales, Texas

Really? I live in South Africa, don’t take this the wrong way but the only thing blocking your path is laziness. You live in a country over flowing of what you need.

Yup. Laziness, living 30 min from the closest decent-sized town (45 from one that MAY have someone that’s got an open mind & their heads out of the churches ass), the inability to drive, lack of people who will drive me places, and the lack of money for any other transportation method.
You got me.

Yea I know I got you, my only true source of help is literally on the other side of the world. Get money for public transportation

Then again, that’s kind of what the internet is for, isn’t it?
Getting in touch with people for shit?

Sry if I’m coming off like a bitch, there’s absolute chaos here, making it near impossible to think + I’m PMSing pretty bad…
Guess I was really just hoping to find someone that CAN 100% talk to these guys and see if there’s any way to verify things…

I just don’t really trust myself with these things…

Yes the internet is my link and I know what you are looking for but trust me when I say get a ouija board and the book of azazel. You will be directed onto a path and the run with it. Or just make a ouija board from scrap. This should prove your dalema to be real or imaginary. Ask the obvious questions. But most importantly ask for a name. The one you need to go to that will help you with what you want

I’ll try to find that book online and figure out something for the board… Just a bit weary of the board as that’s how I got stuck with Set/Sitry to begin with…
I rly don’t care what you’re into, a god of chaos is NOT something you want hanging around 24/7

Holy shit! $300 for the book USED on Amazon?!?!?!?!?!
Is it bound in human skin or something? Holy shit!

Don’t think youl get a free pdf on this book. And learn the art of cleansing. I survived many things you can to. You cannot demand help and be to scared to follow the advice given. You are wasting both our times.

0_o Just shocked… not used to paying more than $100 (tops) on a book

It is a good book

it’d better be. I’m going to have a hard time justifying that price for what my family believes is just research…

Yes do study this book as research and not a work book. There is much more said in this book if you read between the lines

Give me your email address I may be able to help a little