Uncle Chuckie: Becoming A Psionic Supervillain

In this power-packed installment, we place our special guest, Uncle Chuckie, in the limelight, where he breaks down the core mental and energetic processes behind the functionality of Psionics.

For decades, Chuck has been the leading advocate for machine-driven psychic power, and in this interview, he shows you the necesary ins and outs of harnessing the amazing magick of this technology.

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In this techno-friendly discussion between our two favorite madmen (E.A. and Charles), you’re going to learn A LOT:

  • Why Charles believes that technology is integral to humanity - and why simply appreciating the IDEA of machines will directly improve the results you get from magick

  • A clear definition of the field of metaphysics that we call “Psionics”

  • Why applying the technology of radionics will SPEED UP the manifestation of the outcome of your rituals

  • Charles walks us, step by step, through his 3 Steps to Self-Deification - a process so simple and profound, that I recommend watching it several times, because it lays the foundation for a life of TRUE Godhood

  • What Charles holds as the most important character trait a magician can have - a trait that if someone lacks, they are destined for a life of misery

And that’s really just the start…

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On a personal note, I consider Charles such a cool and funny guy, that I know for sure that you’re going to enjoy his entertaining outlook on life and the occult.

Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

I have been getting up to speed reading Uncle Chuckie’s books lately so this interview was not only very funny but also very helpful in realizing to keep it simple and not to take things too seriously. What a character! I love this guy and his books really are filled with awesome, yet really simplified knowledge and power. Time to go out and buy a good flashlight and make a radionics box. The psionic amplifying plate I have been experimenting with works. I’d never of thought a few bits of foil and an amplifying pattern would do anything, but it does. Thanks EA, Timothy and Uncle Chuck for this really great interview.

How exactly do you create the amplifying plate?

Honestly, if any of you aren’t sure if you’d benefit from subscribing to Interviews With A Magus, THIS interview is going to close the deal for good! Charles was not only extremely forthcoming in telling me a LOT of the behind-the-scenes secrets of psionics, but he’s an all around interesting guy. A great conversation, with a ton of amazing insights… and even a few practices that you can start using right away!

You’ve got to check it out!

@Darkness, the simplified psionic pattern amplifier plate is in his book The Psionic Grimoire(pretty sure it’s that one but I will double check and get back to you) which is available as a free ebook download on his website along with his other books. I used it in receiver mode and was surprised at the results.

@EA, you asked great questions, and I nearly fell off my chair laughing when you asked him about ethics and morals. His response was priceless.

Watching it now :slight_smile:
Fuckin’ A - Uncle C!

he’s definitely along my lines of interest in psycho-spiritual-physical mechanics.

I can’t believe you got a real psionics expert, in fact, he’s my honest to gods favorite. He’s quite a guy, and he’s amazingly talented.

His books were some of the best I’ve ever read, and I have to say it’s funny you’d pick someone like him. When I started psionics at the age of 16, his books were the ones I picked up. Not only that, but he inspired me to go for to gold, if I was going to practice magick on far away targets I should at least try to verify it. So I followed in his footsteps to try and make things newsworthy. That’s still the highlight of my day if it happens, that is if a paint factory doesn’t explode or some shit.

Best of Luck
-Frater Apotheosis

The entire interview series can seriously just be E.A. and Uncle Chuckie talking once a month.

Will I have access to past interviews if I subscribe? If not then perhaps an option to purchase interviews individually would be great.

I know this has been asked before, but are there plans to make a paypal payment option for the interviews?

The interview series works like a normal magazine.

You get access to the interviews that we release while you have an active subscription.

At the end of each year, we’re probably going to take all previous 12 installments and combine them into a comprehensive annual album, which will be available by valid credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal.

The actual monthly subscription is not available by Paypal, due to certain restrictions they impose.

Uncle Chuckie is a friend of mine and a fantastic guy.

Anyone who has any ability with meditation at all will pick up on Psionics fast.

Some of the best machines to get are made by Karl Waltz. Expensive but worth it. I’m on my 2nd machine of his. My ex stole my first one. LOL

Uncle Chuckie talks about very inexpensive items, which work, but I like the knobs, dials and Orgone energy devices. :slight_smile:

i live for my radionic machines. i have two simple and inexpensive ones, they work in extremely subtle ways. sometimes you have to work at it to get them working but when they do it’s well worth the effort

cybershaman ([url=http://bit.ly/9LJ2gN]http://bit.ly/9LJ2gN[/url]) or chromo radisthesia software ([url=http://bit.ly/1626alS]http://bit.ly/1626alS[/url]) are reputed to be good to begin with, and both are free. if you don’t have a machine yet get these two and give them a try

fuck the fucking fuck fuckman!!!

I read the books of uncle chuckie just last week

cool checking this out

working in spell to pay for the interview right on!

This interview is no longer available? The link does not work.