Uncertain messages in dream

Hey everyone.

I’ve had some big dream lately and I need some help trying to decode what happened.

My Recent big dream:

I was on some sort of astral plane. It was a house in the middle of a park. It was old hand had like a old spruce wood look to it.

I enter the house and see people. I the go upstairs and I find weird stuff.

I found a chest that opened, but it was labeled for me.

I was shocked since i have never been here.

I opened what was inside. I found 3 objects but I only took one since I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

I took it out and it was a newspaper.

It was super old fashion. Like we’re talking very old and the papers were brownish like the house and read:

… missing par…

And it had a old car on it-1910s or 20’s.

It also mentioned missing children which I briefly saw on it.

I was super confused and put it in my pocket and went downstairs. There were people just standing in there. One guy asked.

“Hey do you know the Buddha?”

I said “yeah I know a bit but not much.”

He asked me some more questions on the Buddha and I tried to answer as best as I could.

I was confused but this was only the beginning.

I went outside to see all my friends. They were all chilling.

On this table I saw missing objects but they were still there. I told everyone to just do what you want but be responsible.

I walked down a path and found one of my friends. I told him what I found and he was interested.

He had a looked and some of it had changed. The paper was shifting and wasn’t the same anymore. I was super confused but I really needed to understand the first part.

My friend left but this group of girls walked up to me.

“Ha do you really believe in the Buddha?”

I replied “I don’t and I don’t really care.”

“You sure? You look like you follow a religion!”

“No I don’t follow any because I only follow what I want!”


She and her friends gave of that pitiful laugh.

I saw a massive line of girls walk down. Like scouts but all women. Most likely that girl who laughed at me was the leader.

I then walked back to the house and found the table again with the missing objects.

MC1 and MC3. MC1 was like a lamp. They were old electronics. Maybe MC3 was a radio.

I then open then papers and it’s changed again.

I thought about the time and what had happened. I needed to write it down.

That’s the end of the dream.

Also I had the most amount of energy on me. Legit super heavy and strong. This is when I woke up btw. I also saw writing that said something like Scribble or Subscribe. I also heard weird mystery music in my head while the dream was playing out.

I think some type of Buddhist spirit is trying to connect with me. But I’m unsure why because I don’t follow any religion and no one I know follows it.

If anyone can help me understand this dream that would be great. :grin:

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Could be a number of things, you could’ve been lucid dreaming & had soul/astral traveled to a astral pane when you were asleep. Interesting dream.

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Typically, things don’t and/or can’t remain constant in a dream as regards writing or anything you can read.

Usually if you go to look at something again the words will have changed or there might be gibberish, or even something different altogether. (I’ve seen some crazy stuff in regards to this)

This is actually one of the methods to achieve lucid dreaming. You see if you can read something consistently without it changing.

More often than not though, rather than realize it’s a dream the dreamer takes it in stride and just tried to make sense of what’s going on as the dream follows suit instead of taking a moment to say, “Aha!!! This is a dream…”

Imo, the papers changing isn’t all that strange and there probably isn’t too much meaning to that.

You can decipher the rest of the dream though by looking at the symbolism of the things, situations and people in it.

The center point of the dream seems to have to do with bhudda for some reason.

What does bhudda mean or symbolize to you?

Multiple people asking you about it, as if testing whether or not you really know or understand what bhudda is or about.

The laughing woman is interesting.

She laughs at you for apparently coming off as being possibly “religious”, but is herself followed by a bunch of women.

Is there an allusion to being a leader rather than a follower here?

Why women? Some kind of feminine thing going on?

In addition to this there’s missing children and objects.

It would seem you’re being told your missing something, perhaps in regard to bhuddism (or something that bhuddism has to teach you)

I don’t really think that’s the case here, but I do think you’re being told to investigate something about bhuddism. To find something you either need to be aware of or learn.


The thing is I don’t really care about religion and no one I know actually follows it.

Not quite sure tbh.

I had a look at some Buddhist spirits and practices to try and make sense of what happened, but I haven’t found anything that would relate to me.

I’m not quite sure why this happened. Nothing was really going through my mind that would have manifested this.

To this, I have no idea why those subjects would be the main focus of this dream

Anyway thanks for your input on my dream. :slight_smile:

You’re both looking for (missing children (projects, desires, forgotten needs?) and finding things in strange places to you? Yet they are for you

Lamp = sight
Radio = listening

You’re walking other paths or perhaps another path has something you’re seeking.

The only thing that I can think of that stands out to me is being present in the moment… as a philosophy that may apply

That’s all I got from it, sorry!


@Arachnos has just showed you the key, by example, of how to interpret your dream.

We can’t help you if you don’t actually answer the questions, go “I dunno” to everything and don’t even try follow the trail that leads you through.

It doesn’t mater if you don’t follow Buddhism, what matters is what this symbolizes, to you and only you. It clearly means something in your subconscious, even it all it is is, you saw a monk on TV the day before - we cant tell you what that is you have to actually try and figure it out.


No this is something I didn’t think about! Wow I love your perspective on it. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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