Uncertain entity appearing in dreams

Hey everyone.

So I’ve had some encounters with this entity who is appearing in my dreams as a Five nights at freddys character, Spring trap.

I’m uncertain of who may it actually be since it isn’t my own thought. It’s someone using memories to try and scare me.

This is the dream.

So I was at school. I was getting calls by someone. I kept hanging up.

I then got another call and took it on and started to say “f@@& you! Oi ya f@@@@@@ fa####!”

There was a dead thing on the floor. It looked like a dead Pokémon. I was then in my room.

The room was mildly lit with the blinds not opened.

Spring trap was there and reached out his arm like he wanted to make a deal, or he wanted to take me somewhere. I pushed myself back.

It then reversed back like a old tape recording going back.

I then woke up.

I don’t know why this being is using spring trap as a avatar for him to come into my dreams.

It’s not something I’m afraid off. It’s just unusual how this keeps happening. It happened a fair while ago but still. Same vibe and everything. Plus if it wasn’t malevolent why would it be using a character which is one of the worst people in a video game??

Also I need help fighting back him. It seems when ever I try to go for him i fail to cause anything. Is there any being who is a fierce warrior who can teach me to kill this being?


Make sure this isn’t a psychic pokemon right? Joking btw
Evoke murmur from goetia he is like damn good at killing parasitic being, you dont need to hear him to make him do the task.just do a basic evocation and task him to do it and give him some offerings few drops of blood would be the most effective. Ofcourse some compliments too.


Great advice! Will do some research into him. It looked like it was a Galar Rapidash lol.

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well i found a pokemon nerd like me

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I would find out what it is and what it wants first, and if it’s even a thing that isn’t a representation of yourself at all. You probably don’t want to kill off an aspect of yourself without forethought.

Especially as this was dreamwork, where everything is symbolic and descriptive, you can’t rely on taking the nouns at face value. As an example, in Robert Moss’ book Greamgates he recounts when someone being chased down by a monster in a recurring dream finally stopped running and faced it, it turned into a rabbit that was a sprit guide.

I’m not saying that’s what this is, I’m just saying try not to leap to conclusions in case there’s good learning in here. Cartoon imagery is simple and strong, and a good way to carry messages.
It could also very likely be a parasite and that’s a reasonable assumption.